Carey Conley

Speaker, Author & Founder of the
Do It on Purpose Movement™


It’s Time to Achieve Your Vision!


What excites you? What is that one thing that truly lights you up just to think about it? Is there a single word that you could use to describe your life? What word drives every decision you make in life and in business?

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It’s time to ask yourself: “Why am I here? What do I want to create in this world? And am I dreaming big enough?”

Step into the world of Vision to Passion – a life full of genuine excitement for each day knowing that what you do matters, that every big decision creates a ripple effect of incredible light!

My name is Carey Conley and my Vision is to help you discover yours. My Purpose is to create a generation of driven individuals dedicated to achieving more and creating their most outrageous dreams and living their greatest potential. Together we can create a clear, concise Vision for your life!

Carey’s Purpose

I am dedicated to helping you identify you dreams and goals through Vision building and to achieve those goals through discovering your Purpose. I believe that success in life is about following your true passion. I draw from more than 2 decades of experience in business and more life experience than I can share here. It is through my joy and my pain, through my success and my struggles, that I offer you the greatest opportunity to create a clear path to create your destiny by living in your Purpose.

Where Carey Has Spoken

Carey Conley leads with vision as she teaches, coaches and encourages audiences everywhere to create a vision statement. Why Vision? It is the transformation of dreams into an actionable plan providing results for an entrepreneur’s life and/or business.

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