V.I.V. Academy

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Join us starting on Monday, September 30th for six weeks of weekly live zoom calls. Our calls will be every Monday from September 30th until November 4th. All calls will be at 6pm pacific time/7pm mountain time. All calls will be recorded and will be sent to you afterwards, so do not worry if you are not able to make the meeting time each week.

Here’s what you’ll learn so you can thrive in life:

  • Why having a written, clear vision for your life and profession and how it fixes just about every struggle you are having.
  • How to write a powerful, purposeful vision that aligns with exactly who YOU are.
  • Identifying what is keeping you stuck and learning how to tear down those barriers both mentally and physically.
  • Setting healthy boundaries around your time and who you spend it with for accelerated success to your vision.
  • Setting doable goals that you can start with today to get to the bigger vision!

We will also have a few amazing guest speakers to cover these topics:

  • Money Management & Budgeting to get you out of debt and stay there.
  • Setting up a long term financial success plan starting now.
  • Living a life that makes a difference and knowing your purpose.

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Or be a scholarship donor to someone who needs it! Learn more about this amazing opportunity by clicking here!

Carey Conley understands the key steps you need to take to be successful and really has an amazing story… I know she’s had those struggles, but she has a smile on her face and she’s putting out this amazing positive energy.

Matt Winsor

Host, The Journey To A Positive and Enriched Life

Why Is This For You?

Not sure what your Vision is or why it even matters? Whether you have just graduated and are trying to figure out your next steps, or you have a lot of ideas and dreams but no solid plan for the rest of your life, now is the perfect time to get crystal clear about your Vision.

Join us in the V.I.V. Academy starting September 30th! This Fall semester is our pilot program, which means you can invest in your future at an affordable price. If this program is for you, or you want to gift someone a scholarship that you know could benefit from this level of clarity and focus, the V.I.V. Academy is the right place! Join us for six weeks of live calls aimed at helping you live with Vision and Purpose! With six weeks of calls, goal-setting, and amazing input from guest speakers, this is the perfect step towards learning to thrive! Register today!

Movies Making A Difference

We are partnering with the organization, Movies Making A Difference. You have the opportunity to scholarship an amazingly resilient young adult into this program!

Their mission statement is: “Making socially conscious movies highlighting the injustices of human trafficking, slavery, child labor and child marriage in the United States. Then directly aiding the survivors upon on the films shed light.”

Visit their website today!

Movies Making A Difference

Megan’s Story

Discover how Movies Making A Difference helped Megan Hammon in her life.

Learn More About This Organization!

Diana’s Story
Their Accomplishments