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Your Success

Your Success

What are your dreams? Is there one word you’ve used to define your life? Your business? What would your word be? Does it give meaning to everything you touch?

Prepare yourself for a trip to infinity founded in inspiration. A journey which challenges you to consider your one question. Have you dreamed BIG ENOUGH?

I am a Speaker and Entrepreneurial Coach specializing in creating a clear, concise vision for your business and your life.

As co-creator of the inspired community Infinite Nation™, I have carved out a niche helping others identify their desires and define their goals through vision building. I believe success is about following your true passion.

Many years ago after naming my business team Infinity, I came across the first journal I had as a teenager. I had forgotten about it but as I picked it up out of the trunk the word across the front took my breath away.

That word: Infinity.


Speaking Reel

Speaking Reel

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Carey Conley

Carey Conley is dedicated to helping you identify your dreams and goals through Vision building and to achieve those goals through discovering your Purpose. She believes that success in life is about following your true passion and knowing what impact you are here to make in the world.

Carey draws from more than two decades of experience in growing two businesses, decades of being a wife and mom, and her personal journey of life tragedies that she shares with her audience. She not only can relate to her audience why having a clear vision and purpose is the bottom line to professional success, but how it becomes the anchor in all the storms of life.

It is through her joy and pain, through her success and struggles, that she offers you the greatest opportunity to create a clear path to your destiny by living in your Purpose.


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Carey Conley leads with vision as she teaches, coaches and encourages audiences everywhere to create a vision statement. Why Vision? It is the transformation of dreams into an actionable plan providing results for an entrepreneur’s life and/or business.

Speaking Topics

Carey’s topics are developed for specific audiences. Previous presentations include:

Vision Is Victory

Using Vision to Define Your Life

Write Your Story. Transform your life.

Vision and Goal Setting

Belief through Vision is the power to change your thoughts and habits

There are currently no events.

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