About Carey Conley

Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy

When the Conley family lost both a husband and son to suicide, Carey and her daughter, Laurel, were blasted out of a comfortable reality. They struggled to cope with profound grief and the burden of the losses. Questions that could never be answered haunted them, and the tragedies forced a major shift in their lives.

In Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy, mother and daughter share their personal stories and the strategies they learned that allowed them to rebuild a sense of purpose and create a new vision of hope. Their honest insights shed light on loss and grief. They also provide working tools to free others who are suffering bereavement from their pain, remorse, and misconceptions around tragedy.

This is a story of deep, courageous transformation, openly shared to guide and inspire others. Purchase Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy on Amazon today.

Meet Carey

The Early Years

I was very blessed to grow up in beautiful Colorado in a household where I was well provided for, including the college education I received in Business Management and Marketing. I married my high school sweetheart after college and for several years, we both had successful careers in sales and marketing. My husband fit the corporate mold well. I on the other hand changed jobs every two years trying to find the ‘one’.

While working as a career advisor at a private college, I met the first person to tell me that I would NEVER find happiness with that plan. They encouraged me to find something that I was passionate about – to build my career as an entrepreneur.

While working in advertising, we had our son, Cole, and when I was pregnant with our daughter, Laurel, I became a consultant with Arbonne to be able to work from home while raising our children.

My intention from day one with Arbonne was to go all the way to the top. I randomly chose the name “Infinity” (or so I thought), as my team name.

Over the next 20+ years with the company, I earned numerous sales and sponsoring awards, earned over 15 trips, had three Mercedes Benz company cars, reached the National VP level that creates a six figure residual income, and coached hundreds of people wanting to achieve the same things.

I learned from the best how to set your intention, work hard, and most of all, be 100% crystal clear about your Vision!

The Real Start

As our house became empty, I decided to expand and take what I loved doing most out into the world; speaking and mentoring people to create their own authentic vision to lead more authentic, joyful, abundant, successful lives and businesses.

The first group of people I coached did so amazingly well that I expanded into publicly doing workshops and events. The number of people grew and I found that they not only were succeeding from the coaching, they were learning a LOT from each other.

A Community Is Born

This is how Infinite Nation™ was born. The members of our community have the opportunity to grow personally, and many have chosen to join a one year coaching group we offer call The Top 6 Mastermind Program. The goal of this group is to help them grow businesses beyond the norm to six figures and beyond. Less than 6% ever do it on their own.

Using tested and proven training modules and a strong commitment to themselves and each other, our members accelerate success to get over walls faster, learn from each other, dream bigger and have fun on the journey.

My love of speaking comes through in the life changing energy of our “Vision is Victory” workshops, and our annual Vision is Victory: The Event. I provide guidance, mentoring, and proven content to help you get a clear vision and then build a business that can get you to live the life of your dreams.

We meet people ‘coming and going’ as entrepreneurs; those just having a flicker of a dream to those who are going beyond their wildest dreams!

My Word

Infinity has always been my word, the common thread between who I am and what I do.

Carey Conley

Infinite Nation

I Believe

I believe that every one of you have a special mission to accomplish while you are alive on this planet. You may or may not believe this to be true simply because you stopped listening to your own inner voice.

How do I know this to be true? Many years ago after naming my team Infinity, I came across the first journal I had as a teenager. I had forgotten about it but as I picked it up out of my storage trunk, the word across the front took my breath away: Infinity.

I believe that there are no accidents in life. You simply need to listen to your own voice.