It’s time for some spring cleaning (and I don’t mean your closets)! Let’s work on clearing the obstacles in your path.

If you already have the ‘spring cleaning’ bug and you’ve begun purging rooms, garages, and basements of all the things that are cluttering their space, that’s great. I, too, have a pile of clothes ready to donate and I can’t wait to drop them off.

Clearing out spaces feels so good, doesn’t it? We feel freer and inspired to renew and refresh our surroundings.

Cleaning out your mind

Declutter your life - Carey Conley

While you’re in this state of mind, I want to encourage you to take the time to clear the most important space you have: your mind and your thoughts.

Did you start the year with a big vision and goals for 2021 but you’re already feeling behind and discouraged?

At this time of year, frustration with not meeting goals can creep in. You’re definitely not alone. But that’s why it’s time to eliminate that head trash. It’s just like that clutter and it’s got to go!

Gaining Clarity

Spring cleaning for your life by Carey Conley

Spring is here and with spring comes new beginnings. So as we head into April, I want to encourage you to do these three clarity exercises. They will help you move away from what’s not serving you while allowing you to make room for what is.

☑️ Find a quiet space and write out a vision of what you want your life to look like.

  • Include as much detail as possible, and put some dates on those dreams.
  • Simply writing it down and not acting on it can become that annoying tapping on your heart that you may try to keep ignoring.

☑️ Clear away and cut out anything you have been telling yourself doesn’t align with your vision.

  • Do the same for anything everyone around you is telling you doesn’t align with that vision either.
  • What’s rolling around in your head is stories that you’ve been telling yourself. These stories aren’t real and they actually become the real obstacles to taking the daily baby steps needed to reach your goal. Remember: it’s impossible to hit your goals with a wall of stories!

☑️ Be bold and share your vision and those stories you are working to get rid of with someone you trust.

  • This may feel scary at first, but you can’t get rid of something you try to hide.

Know this: everything that has been a part of your life up to this point has had a purpose. Even the things that have not been positive experiences and may even have been tragic. Each of those experiences has helped to create who you are to become. And that, my friend, is your highest self.

Vision is victory,

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