The bond between mothers and daughters is unbreakable.

To mark women’s history month, I want to honor a very special woman in my life: my daughter Laurel.

I have been blessed to have so many women who have loved me, raised me, mentored me, and poured into me as I have grown both personally and professionally. They have seen my greatness, seen me at my worst but still believed in me when I did not believe in myself, and have been my life force when I was ready to quit. These women have shared my tears and shared their wisdom to make me feel that I could keep going no matter what.

Mothers and Daughters

My community of women has nurtured me and helped me become the person that I am today.

But I didn’t know that I would be shaped so profoundly by a woman that I gave birth to.

Becoming a mom to my kids, raising them, and now working alongside Laurel and watching her be a mom has definitely helped me to become a better person.

As most women do, we dream about having a baby girl – someone who maybe looks a little like us, we can dress her in really cute clothes, and have fun shared experiences because we like that same things, right?

While those things are light and fun, I truly think it’s in the differences in mothers and daughters that help us really come to love and respect one another.

People tell me and Laurel all the time that we look alike, we have similar personalities, and we share some super powers, I am in awe of the gifts she has that I do not.

My pure admiration of Laurel helps me grow because she has characteristics that I would like to develop for myself.

After all of the things we have been through together, she continues to grow wiser. (Laurel, I want to be more like you when I grow up!)

Mothers and Daughters

Only God could work his divine powers to send someone to you in this way. To have someone who loves you unconditionally – someone who you love so much that even during the painful personal growth process of life you still feel immense joy and create happy memories for your lifetime.

I am so blessed to have been the one to raise her. And I feel doubly blessed to call her my friend and my business partner.

With Laurel by my side, I know we can accomplish everything we’ve set out to do on this Earth.

Vision is victory,

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