Christmastime should be a joyful time of year.

That’s why there’s something I feel called to clear up: it’s not about the gifts.

It is, however, about so much more…

For me, Christmas traditions have become more “because I have to” than “because I want to.”

We send the cards.

We bake the cookies. Although I must tell you, baking is NOT in my wheelhouse. For many years, I had to get my sister-in-law and mother-in-law to come over for a whole day and bake all those Christmas cookies for me!

Do all the teachers have their gifts?

What about co-workers?

Friends of friends?

Do I have to give one to the mailman?

Somehow, we’ve lost sight of the real meaning of the season.

The Real Meaning

Sure, presents are great. But so often by the time St. Nick has come and gone, we don’t even remember what we’ve gotten and it is just a blur. Another Christmas gone by.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you have a whole different experience.

Gift-giving shouldn’t be done because you have to. You should give presents because you’ve come across something that you know your friend or loved one would just absolutely love. And by giving it to them, it brings you and them such joy!

The reason for the season is to enjoy your time with your family. Being together with the people you love.

Yes, this year many of us got a lot more of that than we expected (or may have wanted). There are also many of us who haven’t seen our loved ones and won’t be able to this holiday.

But whoever you plan to spend the holiday with, remember how special that truly is.

Making Memories

The best Christmas memory I have was when our kids were both in high school. We weren’t able to take summer vacations at that time because the kids had summer jobs, so we decided that for the first time EVER, we would plan a vacation over Christmas. (Ross’s company had a winter break too so the timing was perfect!)

That year, we also decided as a family that we were NOT going to give each other gifts.

We got on a plane that Christmas morning and we went on a cruise. Well, it was the most miraculous thing. I remember looking at my husband the first night when we were on the beach and thinking about how there was zero stress, just beautiful weather.

We weren’t worried about whose houses we had to make appearances at for the holiday, where we were having meals, present exchanges, any of that.

We were just together, and it was amazing.

And that became our tradition.

Those memories are some of my nearest and dearest.

Move Past Expectations

I truly hope that this holiday season you get peace of mind knowing that it’s not about any of the material things or the expectations put upon us.

It isn’t about how big a gift you give or receive.

The magic of the season is about the experiences.

And most importantly, it’s about getting to spend time with those we love dearly.

Vision is victory,

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