I am on a mission to help you and everybody you want to impact find their vision and purpose because we need to disrupt the patterns in this world.

The sadness, the scarcity mentality, feeling stuck, feeling anxious ­­– all the things that I know people are struggling with, especially this year.

This past year, there have been many changes that we’ve been thrust into. Ones that we weren’t planning on at all.

I’m no stranger to adversity.

In the past six years, I lost my husband and then my son to suicide. Please take it from me, you can get through anything that happens in your life.

The Anchor

How have I continued to weather life’s storms? I am so certain about who I am and what my calling is that when I’ve had things happen in my businesses and in my life that may have pushed me completely off-kilter, I may have taken a little bit of time to for self-care, and get my head back in the right space but I don’t quit.

The secret to getting through adversity is getting really rooted in knowing your purpose and understanding who you are.

Find A Mentor

When I was in my late 20s, I found my first mentor, and she was the first person in my life that told me that I could create my life to look however I wanted it to.

At that point, my husband and I had been married for a few years. We were both working full time. While we hadn’t started a family yet, I knew we would soon.

I just could not fit the nine-to-five mold very well.

I am very hard working and very self-disciplined. When I’m passionate about something, I can work nonstop. But I didn’t like doing it on somebody else’s terms: doing it on their hours, being told how much vacation I couldn’t have, etc.

My mentor encouraged me to take a day off from work, sit down quietly, and write out everything on paper that I wanted my life to look like.

That day was magical for me because out of my head and out of my heart and onto paper flowed everything that I imagined my dream life to look like.

Your Vision and Purpose are Inside you

I didn’t know it then, but I know this now. That day, I was in such a quiet space that I was aligning myself with God and the universe. I was being very open to receiving what God had in store for my life and what my purpose was.

To my surprise, one of the things I wrote that popped out of my head for the first time ever that day (on the very last line on one of those pieces of paper) was that someday, I wanted to teach other people how to write their vision and how to follow their purpose in life.

So what happened? Things started unfolding.

Now that is my true purpose in life. And I’m especially focused on helping young adults from college age to mid-30s find their purpose in life as well.

Because when you know what your life’s vision is, you know that you matter.


Vision is victory,

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