How do you take part in the season of giving?

Maybe you donate toys to charity or sponsor a family for the holidays…

For Laurel and me, we are focused on helping victims of human trafficking through our collaboration with the nonprofit MoviesMakingADifference.

Click below to watch my discussion with Diana Davis about how she builds awareness through film to help save victims of child labor, child marriage, and human trafficking:

Making a Difference for young people

Diana and her nonprofit help these young adults to get on track with their lives, which is truly a gift.

If you would like to give directly to this charity, please click here.

Sadly, there’s a really high suicide rate with survivors because this is a really hard road.

Having lost my husband Ross and then three years later my son Cole, both to suicide, I feel called to support this worthy cause. It is with vision and purpose training that we can help prevent people from taking their own lives.

That’s why Laurel and I are thrilled to be able to offer help and support to these survivors.

Vision is Victory Academy

Vision is Victory Academy (VIVA) is officially opening its doors. It’s a year-long program for young adults aged 18 to early 30s to help them with basic life skills.

We’re going to start with vision and purpose as we talk about the importance of placing boundaries around your money, your time, and the people you spend your time with. We’ll be teaching about relationships, about self-respect, and so much more.

Guest experts will also be joining us throughout the year to provide VIVA members with even more amazing guidance.

Membership in VIVA will fulfill our mission of enabling young people to truly understand why they are here on this earth and what purpose they are called to serve.

And here is how we are giving back:  For every young adult who joins the program. We’re going to provide a full scholarship to one of the survivors receiving support from Diana’s organization.

By giving these survivors the opportunity to create a vision for their lives, they will really get to know why they matter. 

Having a vision will help them navigate whatever life throws at them. It is the anchor in all the storms.

Once these young adults are either kicked out or escaped, they’re on the streets. And they become prey for sex traffickers because they’ve got no families, no life skills, no self-esteem, or they don’t know who they are.

This course is true prevention.

So if you or someone you know is:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Waking up frustrated from feeling directionless
  • Craving to know their true purpose (or yours)
  • Feeling isolated and seeking out an uplifting community

Then comment below with the word LIFE and I will send you the details to join this life-changing program.

Vision is victory,

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