I’m truly not a very patient person.

I like to get things done and I like to see the results right away.

Life just doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

As a result, I’ve had to learn to have a whole lot more patience, especially with myself. Some of the projects that we’re on I’ve been working on, like our book, Keep Looking Up, took us almost a year to complete it.

Trust and Believe

But for anything in life that’s worth it and scares you even a little bit, you need to have some patience with yourself and patience with God and the universe to collaborate.

I tend to try and run ahead of God and say, ‘Hey, I’m figuring this out over here, and you need to catch up.’

And what I’ve learned is He says, ‘Yeah that’s not the pace I run at. You need to slow down. Hold on and let me show you the way.’

I spend the first hour of every day in quiet time. One of the biggest reasons for that is so that I don’t run ahead of God. I let it come the way it’s supposed to come.

Patience has not been easy this year for most of us. Quarantine was certainly a test of that.

When the Unexpected Happens

We’ve had a year full of shock.

And for people who have never been through anything tragic in their life, or totally unexpected like losing loved ones to suicide like Laura and I have been through twice, I am sure this year felt like a major, tragic loss.

The biggest lesson I have learned through all of this – and it’s a big part of why I teach vision to people – is to be prepared for whatever might come.

Being Prepared

I think so many of us don’t want to believe that anything could happen to us at the level of what’s happened for Laurel and myself. We certainly never saw it coming either.

But I really want to encourage you to think ahead and get prepared for whatever may come because it’s harder to take care of it or manage it when you’re in the middle of it.

In Keep Looking Up, we share how to help yourself and get prepared and also how to help other people. We are thankful we had prepared ourselves before this was amplified.

Heavenly Perspective

Having faith and our heavenly perspective has been everything. I want to encourage you that if you don’t have faith in your life, either talk to us about that and what we know or reach out to somebody. Our faith really has been the anchor in the storms of our life.

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Vision is victory,

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