I help people look forward.

When you sit down with me (or at home) and write out your vision, we specifically look forward three years. That’s because we need to have a target date of what YOU want your life to look like.

We start with age. How old will you be in three years? How old will your kids be? Your grandkids or any other young people involved in your life? How about the older people in your life?

Time and age are non-negotiable. So we start looking ahead and consider if time is going to pass by, what do I want my life to look like?

So many people resist this. And the reason they resist it is often fear.

The Two Types of Fear

There are really two kinds of fear.

There’s the fear of something that is very real – that if you follow through with it, you’re going to put yourself in some sort of a harmful or dangerous situation, or it may be harmful or dangerous for somebody else.

The other fear is 99 percent of the fear we deal with all day long: perceived fear. It’s the fear that is literally imprisoning us from going after that vision, the dream, and the calling that we know we’re supposed to go after.

Once we discern that most of the fear we are feeling is not going to put us or anybody else in physical danger, we have the choice to bust through that fear so that we can get to the other side where the big, beautiful dream and vision of everything you want in your life (and more) are found.

Regret is Real

One of the saddest things to see is people who die with regret. I believe most people do because they just don’t know how to discern the two different fears.

They don’t realize that thing that they’re fearing – the thing that keeps tapping at their heart and their mind when they get up in the morning, they go to bed at night, and they dream about it throughout the day – doesn’t go away.

It’s nagging at you because you have a calling and a purpose to follow.

Don’t make the decision not to do something because you think it’s going to be harmful to you or somebody else, because we both know that’s not true.

I’ve been there, where there is something that I’ve wanted to create or something I’ve wanted to do, and I just let it go because I thought that doing it was going to be harmful to me or harmful to my family. When I realized that this was just all perception, I had to take steps to get past the fear.

Steps To Have No Fear

How do we crush the fear?

The first step is acknowledging that it’s not going to harm you. The second is setting a really big vision with target dates. And the third is to exercise faith.

No matter how much you fear it, the way you’re going to get through that is your vision pulling you on the other side.

If your vision is bigger than the fear, it’s going to keep inching you a little bit closer to get up over that wall.

The first thing I do every single morning is to spend an hour in quiet time reading devotions, affirmations, and positive books. I consciously choose faith over fear each day. Every time I get through a little bit of fear, my faith grows, and the more my faith grows, the smaller the fear gets.

We have a choice every day. We need to build a big enough vision so that we will keep building that faith muscle.

Right now, we need more people to inspire each other in this world. In these uncertain times, we are projecting into the future and thinking that we’re worried about things getting worse.

All we have is truly all we’ve ever had. That is the present moment. So I don’t want you to fear writing the vision.

I am on a mission to help all of you start following our more vision-filled purposeful life.

Are YOU ready to create a more powerful vision, a simplified life, and a monetizing game plan the right way?

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Vision is victory,

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