This year has been chaos, to say the least. And with chaos comes a lack of focus, fear, and drifting.

That’s why staying organized and being really intentional with every hour of your day is key to staying on track toward meeting your personal and professional goals. Because, let’s face it, every day is precious.

In my experience, most people are trying to fit 36 hours’ worth of stuff in a 24-hour day. They think, “I can do it all. It’s no big deal. I got that.”

Then, at the end of the day, they’re going, “Wow, I am so burned out. And I don’t even really know why I did half the things I did.”

Here are some tips that will help you not only stay intentional but also become super productive with the time you have

Where is your time going?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home Mom, in a corporate career, or retired, it this will work for you.

Here is a super simple exercise:

Get out a blank piece of paper.

And at the top of the piece of paper, write the days of the week. Draw vertical lines separating the days and then break them up into sections: morning, afternoon, evening.

On the backside of the piece of paper, write every single activity that you do in a day. Include everything – driving time, sleeping time, eating time, working time, working out time, family time – every little thing that takes any time in your day.

It will probably take you a week to do this, but the next step is to figure out next to each activity how much time it’s taking you to do it, and then tally it up.

I guarantee you what you’re going to find is you’re trying to do 742 hours’ worth of stuff in a 168-hour week.

Think Three Years Out

This is an important exercise that I like to teach.

Think three years out. Write down on paper what you want your life to look like as if it’s three years from now. 

What are you doing with your time? 

What are you doing with your family?

What does your career look like? 

Write out what your big, beautiful dream life looks like. Because when you go to write up that list of activities of all the things you’re doing, it’s going to be really clear what stays and what goes.   

Either it lines up with the vision of your life or it doesn’t.

Then you get to delegate stuff to other people if it stays and you don’t have the time to do it.

It’s also important to learn how to dump things if something is no longer lining up with you and where you’re going. It may not be a “no” forever, it might be for right now.

Having your vision front and center

Knowing your crystal-clear vision will help you delegate what to do with that time.

I take those things that are staying, and on the on that side of the paper with the grids, I start plugging things into when those things are going to happen in my life.

These strategies are something I learned well over 27 years ago when I started my first business. I was coming out of the corporate world, where my days were structured for me, and then I was at home with babies growing my business. I had to be very good with time blocking.

It took me a while to balance out motherhood and when to do what. The key is to get really, really good about thinking about every hour of your day.

In the beginning, to get used to time blocking, you need to set your timer to go off every single hour throughout the day so that you stop and ask yourself, what is the best use of your next 60 minutes?

People who are always running late do so because they don’t buffer their schedule. They don’t leave wiggle room for if something goes wrong, like if you get stuck in traffic or you get that random phone call from somebody that they need to talk to you right now.

Suit up for the day

I spend the very first hour of my day is in total quiet time. I take that first hour to get very aligned with intention, God’s purpose, the universe, however you describe it.

I usually read and journal for the first few minutes and then I do the prioritizing for the day.

With my list of about 10 things, I put the top three in on my day planner so if nothing else gets done, these three things have to get done. Then I blocked it in.   

Staying Organized

When my kids were growing up, we were very blessed to have a really good-sized house. And I had a beautiful office with a door. Now I live in a 1000-square-foot apartment.

And I still have to operate out of here.

But here’s the key for my organization: I keep everything that is work-related in one space, away from everything else. This way I always know where things are.

I read a statistic once that we lose about three weeks of our life just looking for things!

Let’s get that time back!

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Vision is victory,

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