Take a minute and think about this, is there a young person in your life who truly inspires you every day?

For me, it’s my daughter Laurel’s best friend since childhood, Brianna. 

Back in second grade, they became fast pals and over the years, Brianna has become not only like a sister to Laurel, but also an important part of our family.

She loved to go on the camping trips Ross would take the kids on, she and Laurel rode horses together, and they were cheerleaders together in high school.

Sometimes she would slip into the house late at night and I would find her asleep in Laurel’s room the next morning.

Tough as Nails

Brianna is sweet but tough. She never complains about anything and has always been strong. We admire her strength as she’s been through a lot in her life and always risen to the challenge. 

When Brianna was in high school, her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She bravely battled the disease for over 10 years. Since her mom and dad were divorced, Brianna and her brothers became a huge support system for their mom until her last day on this earth this past May.

True to form, Brianna has been the rock for her and her brothers, again never complaining.

But Brianna’s love and strength aren’t just reserved for her immediate family. She has also been OUR rock.

Support Beyond Measure

She was the first person to arrive at our house when we got the news about Ross’ death, and she wouldn’t leave Cole’s and my side until Laurel arrived home later that night. Brianna stayed with us practically night and day through the memorial and after. She even spoke on Laurel’s behalf at the service (with her leg in a cast, no less!)

When Cole passed, she once again dropped everything, flew to Arizona, and stayed with us for almost two weeks. She took on the hardest tasks for us during this time, never flinching.

Facing Adversity Head On

Brianna’s husband, Kyle, is a Phoenix police officer. Every night he goes into dangerous situations, especially during this pandemic and all the rioting earlier this year. No matter what, she bravely stands by him and supports his decision to be on the force.

This week Brianna was tested yet again. She made the tough and courageous decision to have a double mastectomy as a preventative health measure. She and Kyle intend to have a family and her goal is to be here for her kids for a very long time.

Keep Looking Up

Brianna is a shining example of someone who is always ‘looking up.’ In fact, she helped inspire the movement. It is with her that Laurel and I continue to keep looking up each and every day.

The fact that Brianna, a young woman, is able to deal with so much adversity while maintaining such a strong vision for her life on her own terms, makes me so hopeful for young adults everywhere.

We need to show them how to create their vision for their lives.

How do we do that? By starting the process when they’re small. 

We need to start raising up little humans to follow a more authentic and purposeful plan for their own lives. It is our job to revolutionize what we teach children so they can become well adjusted, mentally healthy, and purposeful adults.

Helping Young Adults with Vision

I’m truly on a mission to start talking more about vision and purpose, especially to young adults, and those who are now parenting little humans. 

The reason why young people need to be so clear on their purpose is that it helps them realize they matter.


Vision is victory,

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