With the end of the year fast approaching, you may be feeling that any goals you set at the beginning of 2020 and didn’t accomplish should just be put off until next year. But that is not what you should be doing. 

Do not give up on the goals that you set. Sure, you might have to adjust a bit because we’ve had a rather odd year. 

But it’s about adjusting and not quitting.


Keeping Momentum

Why shouldn’t you just postpone or push them back? Because when we lose momentum, it just takes that much longer to achieve what we’ve set out to do.

If, for example, you set some health goals at the beginning of the year, you might have had to make some different arrangements on how you were going to still stay healthy. 

The places that I wanted to workout closed several months ago, so I had to be creative. I even gathered a little pool workout group here at my apartment, which has been fun. 


Adjusting To Stay on Course

Perhaps you had relationship goals that now need adjusting. Some of us have been really challenged because we’ve been in quarantine with the people we spend the most amount of time with. Again, it doesn’t mean giving up. It just means we need to retool our plans.

Some of the most common goals that we set are around finances and money. Now more than ever, I think so many people are worried about not reaching their targets in business, or in their personal bank accounts. 

That’s why I want you to know this: there are so many different ways to financially take care of things when we just think outside the box a little bit. 

Instead of thinking, ‘It can’t happen,’ start thinking ‘How can I make it happen?’ That simple mindset shift can do wonders for you.


The Need for Introspection

Ask yourself, ‘How can I make this change?’ because when we shut the mind down and say it cannot happen, we pretty much are sealing the deal and telling the universe that we don’t believe it’s possible. That makes it nearly impossible for us to be open to receive.

When you look for ways to make things happen, you’ll be so surprised by the answers that the universe will give you. 

Don’t wait until the end of the year to wave your white flag and say I’ll figure it out next year. That is not going to serve you.

Now is the time to get your head in the game and start figuring out what it’s going to look like. 


Help is Nearby

When you ask yourself what you can do to meet your goals, if you find that you need a little help, I’m here for you. Just leave a comment below. 

I would love to connect with you and see how I might be able to shed a little bit more light on how you can do that.

Vision is victory,

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