I have a confession to make: I am a chronic over-packer.

Yes, I have been known to pack almost my entire closet for trips ­– especially the long trips where I’m gone for several days or even weeks.

When I spent almost a month in Oklahoma when my daughter gave birth to my grandson, I brought it ALL – even the dog!

I always think, “I may need that” even though I never actually wear it.

I wonder, ‘What if the weather changes and I am not prepared,” even after I’ve seen the weather report. 

I say to myself, “I can’t leave that behind because it’s my favorite,” even when it doesn’t really fit me and it’s not flattering. 

And, don’t even get me started on how many pairs of shoes I bring just in case!

Inevitably, I end up with a really HEAVY bag to haul around and for the most part, I’m the one stuck hauling it, exhausted and wishing I’d packed much lighter. 

Isn’t it the same in our daily life?  

So Much Baggage

We are hauling around SO much baggage. It’s not only weighing us down physically, emotionally, and relationally – it’s dragging us through the mud every day.

The baggage is keeping us from making space to think more clearly, have more space for new people and exciting things, having a much more joyful life, and being able to take flight into the life of our dreams!

Let’s define what I mean by ‘baggage’….

All The Stuff

Material things in our homes and physical spaces that we have almost forgotten they are there. They just take up space. Remember, a cluttered space yields a cluttered mind.

I have had to purge FOUR homes in the past eight years, and although it was extremely hard, it has also been very freeing to know that my worth is not attached to stuff.

Responsibilities We Think We Can’t Let Go Of

Just because you have always been the one who has headed up every committee, organized every family function, taken care of all the family’s needs, does not mean you can’t start saying no and setting new boundaries.

Do only the things you LOVE doing and it aligns with the truth of who you are, not what everyone else expects of you. 

When you don’t let go, it can lead to being very drained and bitter most of the time and that serves nobody.


It’s time to take a hard look at who you are spending most of your time with every week.

This is a game-changer. I know you love them, they may have been your best friend since first grade (or you are blood-related), but it does not mean you owe them your time and most importantly that you should allow them to rule your world emotionally.

You can respect people, love them from afar, and pray for them, but you do not have to give them your very precious time that should be reserved for yourself and the new people you want in your life!

The Negative Thoughts

Most importantly, please, oh please, unpack once and for all the negative thoughts carry around.

The harsh things you say to yourself, all the regrets over things you cannot change, and most especially holding on to all the doubt and fear.

These are truly the biggest weight you carry. And when you can let them go, you’ll truly be able to fulfill your God-given purpose and live your life the fullest – the way you deserve.

Are YOU ready to create a more powerful vision, a simplified life, and a monetizing game plan the right way?

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Vision is victory,

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