If you look closely and you’re open to it, you will find heaven right here.

Butterflies are well-known signs of angels being around us. So it’s no surprise that my daughter Laurel starting seeing monarch butterflies all the time when my husband Ross passed. 

For me, it’s white butterflies. I know Ross and my son Cole are with me when I see them.

We gave our book the title Keep Looking Up because for us, it has been the anchor through all of this loss and afterward. 

Heaven is everlasting

So many things that people try and attach their hope to every day is so fleeting. And that’s a dangerous way to get through life, especially the life we’re all going through right now where things are precarious at best. 

What gets me through is knowing that this time here on earth is just a blip on the radar screen, it’s just so temporary. I am so grateful that we have a heavenly home that we can look toward because there are days that are long and hard, and the grief can really envelop you. 

The only way I know to get through that is to remember that we’re only here temporarily. We’re all going to be together again for eternity in a much better place than we can even fathom here on Earth. Knowing this shifts my perspective quickly when I get frustrated about things in the moment.

Heaven isn’t far away

After Ross and then Cole died, I did a whole lot of reading, specifically on heaven. What I’ve now come to believe and understand is that it is NOT something that is far away – something that we can’t see or feel or be a part of. 

We are in it every single day. 

My son Cole had a really healthy perspective on this. I believe that he was very, very attached to knowing that heaven was here, especially after his dad died. Cole used to remind me and Laurel all the time that Ross was here

We do get signs all the time, and they aren’t just butterflies. They’re undeniably either from my husband or from Cole. Laurel and I can be together and all of a sudden, a song will come on and we’ll both just look at each other and go, “Yeah, they’re here.”

When you go through a loss, we’re connecting to heaven. We are already all connected through God, through the universe, and through our loved ones. They’re here every single day. There’s no denying it.

Have Faith

But the thing that we hope that you get anchored in the most is having faith. Because when we don’t have faith, we suffer the most.

Why? Because when we anchor ourselves to those temporal things, they can come and go in a flash.

Keep Looking Up aims to provide you with that heavenly perspective. And I know that spreading that message of hope and faith has been the plan for me. I hope, whether you’re experiencing adversity or loss, or you’re trying to help somebody else, that this book gives you encouragement, helps you shift some perspective, and shows you how to become anchored into something that may be beyond what we can see and hear every single day, but it is very real.

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Keep Looking Up,

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