For the past 4 months, many of us have felt like the rug has been completely pulled out from under us. That’s no surprise, given the fact that we’re living in uncharted territory.

When I lost my husband, I felt like someone had strapped me to a rocket ship that had blasted off with no destination.

When I lost my son, it felt like the planet was exploding and I was clinging to the remaining fragments.

The pandemic and its aftermath may be your first big hit in life, but just like in any grave situation, you’re probably feeling like you’ve left planet normal.

We’re all going through these difficult times together and experiencing varying levels of anxiety, sadness, and more. That’s bound to happen when you’re yanked out of your normal routine with no warning.

My daughter Laurel and I had to learn how to function in a new world, a task especially difficult since our hearts were still in the old world.

Right now, it’s pretty safe to say that things will never be the way they were. We have to understand and accept that life has changed.

How do you keep functioning in a new world when you’re still grieving planet normal?
Carey and Laurel

In Keep Looking Up, the book that I co-authored with Laurel, we offer tips on navigating life in the new normal. Here are some that may help you:

1. Realize there are other people experiencing difficult times too.

When we allowed people to be vulnerable with us, we started to understand that it wasn’t just us being punished or singled out. Everybody has a story. It helped us heal a little bit knowing that we’re living in a world where everybody is hurting. When we learned that other people are trying to figure stuff out, just like we were, it gave us some hope and peace.

2. Start communicating.

When you start talking to people about your situation, that can truly help. I talked to maybe two people that I really trust and knew I could break down if I needed to. I was introspective. I did a lot of talking to God. I did a whole lot of reading devotions and journaling. You can also talk to professionals or in groups. No matter who you talk to, communication is important.

leaving planet normal

3. Give yourself time.

Allow yourself time to heal and get through it a bit each day. It’s human nature to just want to get things over with. We want a vaccine and a cure, and to say the pandemic is over so we can just get back to normal. But unfortunately, it’s God’s timing. So give yourself some time and allow some space.

4. Shift your perspective.

I firmly believe there’s a purpose for everything. When I lost my husband, I asked myself, what is the purpose of this happening to us? I wondered how we would use this tragedy.

When something tragic and unexpected happens, you can either let it take you down and out or you can learn everything and use it.

I know now, more than ever, that I’m called to help people write their vision because otherwise they perish and lose hope. Every day, while we’re on this planet, we must ask ourselves, how can I get stronger for myself and help other people? Instead of ‘Why me?’ ask, ‘How can I use this for good?’

Vision is Victory,
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