The one constant thing in life is that things constantly change.

I’m one of those rare people who likes change. I think it adds adventure to my life and it keeps things fresh.

But for most people, there are many challenges around change. Any kind of change in routine causes a disruption in the force. It can create fear and anxiety. Especially now, that anxiety is off the charts if change is really uncomfortable for you.

One way that people often deal with change is that they drift. When they get thrown into that heightened level of anxiety, they tend to unplug. At these times when their footing is so lost, they retreat. They believe they’re protecting themselves.

Many people think that they are settled in their lives and then change throws them for a loop. 

But here’s the thing. Every day in our world is uncertain. We’re never promised tomorrow.

Honor your emotions

I understand what it’s like when you need to deal with some big emotions. I’ve learned that in my life because of all the loss I’ve endured.

We do need to honor those big emotions.

We do have to work through them.

But I also know that sometimes the best thing to do is to stay plugged in, especially with groups of people.

My “mentor radar” goes off when people I usually hear from are MIA. It’s usually a red flag for me that they’re retreating.

I want to encourage you that if you’re feeling anxious from all the changes, don’t disappear.

There’s truly an opportunity in the change. 

New Normal

Take Care of Yourself

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious by change, give yourself some leeway. Certainly allow yourself a little looseness around the structure of your life, but please, do not completely disappear, even if you really want to. 

Here’s why: Sometimes the best thing you can do, even when you don’t feel like it, is to show up. 

Let’s say you are part of a networking group, for example. I’m sure there have been times during this pandemic when you did not want to hop on yet another zoom call and put your best face forward. But maybe you pushed yourself to do it anyway.

Zoom Meetings

Make a Difference

What often happens when you show up is that you usually end up meeting the one person you really needed to meet. 

Or you hear something that someone says that really resonates with you and helps you in a big way that day.

On the flip side, when you show up, it might not be for yourself at all. You may end up helping someone else who truly needed your words or your friendship or to share that laugh with you.

When you start feeling like letting things go, remember that reaching out to people and continuing to surround yourself with as much normalcy as possible will give you a solid foundation. 

You might very well find that one answer that will help you feel a little less anxious about these uncertain times.


Vision is Victory,

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