I’m officially declaring this the “Summer of Keep Looking Up” because right now, we need more positivity and encouragement, love and kindness all around us.

I have started doing some meditation this year and, in my meditation, I chose a mantra:
the best is yet to come.

No matter how much I’ve been through, I know that it can and will always get better. After the loss of my husband and then my son, both to suicide, I could’ve said the worst has happened and it’s just going to get worse from here, and completely thrown in the towel. But I didn’t and I won’t.

Right now, many of us are looking around at the outside circumstances and fearing the worst. Most conversations I hear are of doom and gloom.

That’s why I want to challenge you to adopt the mantra the best is yet to come or choose one of your own that you can focus on daily. The mantra will give you something positive you can keep telling your brain and your heart.

I want to share 5 things I have learned that help me stay focused on knowing the best is yet to come.

1. Spiritual Guidance

very first hour of the day in quiet time, reading all of the things that tell me the truth, that the best is yet to come – the Bible, meditations, readings from spiritual leaders. If you follow any of these teachings, there’s a common thread. They all say there is so much good in the world and we should focus on it, and that if we focus on the good, better will come. I know this to be true in my heart and it sticks with me all day long.

2. Patience

I’ve done a lot of studying on deepening my faith, which is something that is way bigger than me. The byproduct of that is that I’ve also grown my patience to wait for the better thing to come. I’m generally the type of person who likes to take control. I like to pile a lot on my plate and say I can control this and get it done. But because I’ve practiced my faith, I’ve learned to pause and wait (which, believe me, is not an easy thing for a doer to do). But what has happened is that every time I’ve waited it out, a better thing has happened. It’s almost like God saying to me, ‘You can make this happen and it’ll be good, but if you wait on me, it’s going to be amazing.’ Because I’ve waited and it’s proven itself over and over to me that the best is yet to come, I now trust that wholeheartedly.

Praying with a Bible

3. Remember What’s Important

Every day, I remind myself that it could be worse and that somebody always has it worse than me. I’ve been through immense tragedy, but I know that there are still people going through worse things and I need to pray for them. Ask yourself, what is the most important thing in life? The things we tend to worry about throughout the day are not as dire as they may seem. At the end of the day, if you lost a loved one or got seriously ill, would those little things even matter? No. So remind yourself what really is important and let the rest go.

4. Give Up Control

My word for the year is surrender. And each day, I lay it all down and surrender to God and the universe all the things I’m worried about that are beyond my control and the things I can’t fix. In the morning, I surrender and say ‘I’m only going to do the things I know I can today.’ Boil it down to three things that are most important to you. For me, it’s my health, my family, and moving the needle forward in my business, which is teaching people how to get a crystal-clear vision for their life, their business, and their families. Everything else, I give it up to God.

5. Choose Your Company Wisely

I make a point of surrounding myself with other people who truly believe that the best is yet to come. I seek them out and gravitate towards those people. We buoy each other up.

Keep Looking Up

Keep Looking Up is the book I’ve co-authored with my daughter Laurel, which tells the story of the losses of my husband and son to suicide. In it, we talk about what we learned on the journey, and how we grew. The book can be used as a tool for people going through adversities of their own, no matter what it is. The goal is to help transform grief into hope.

Vision is Victory,
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