How are you leading yourself through each day?

I know it’s getting more challenging as we’re having to pivot and shift while we’re quarantining.

It’s also dragging on with no end in sight. Many of us are ready to move into what we think will be normalcy again.

I’ve seen a lot of people with anxiety who are fraying at the edges and I want to give you some encouragement.

You do not have to sit in this place of limbo. It absolutely is possible to find joy every day even when we’re living in these uncertain times.

I want to offer you a two-step process that will really be a game-changer for your mindset.

1. Quiet Time

Every single day, at the beginning of the day, I want you to get into what I call suiting up mode.

I do this every morning to make sure that I have the right mindset and the right attitude to take on the day.

Like you probably do, I wake up wondering what this day is going to bring, especially since I’ve been through some tough stuff with losing my husband and son. So I have to mentally get through that each morning.

Holding Hands

I cannot begin my day without first and foremost going into total quiet time. This can involve meditating (I’ve been learning how to do that), journaling, reading devotions, listening to music, or saying prayers and requests out loud (which I always do, too).

Whatever you choose, get suited up for the day before you go out there and start dealing with your family, friends, business associates, clients, so that you can bring them your best self.

It is a choice of how we do the day. And how the day goes is a direct result of how the day starts. Tomorrow you’ll get up and do it all again, but maybe you’ll do it just a little bit better.

2. Grace and Mercy

At the end of each day, write some gratitudes – you know, a list of 5 to 10 things that you’re truly grateful for, no matter how small. Then give yourself a whole lot of grace and mercy.

This is the title of one of the chapters in Keep Looking Up, the book my daughter Laurel and I have co-written about transforming grief into hope after tragedy.

Keep Looking Up
Once we had been through both losses – my husband and then my son – in the past six years, we had to learn how to give ourselves and the people around us a lot of grace and mercy.

I have learned the most about grace and mercy from people who have given it to us. These are the people with the natural gift of empathy and compassion. Even on my saddest days, they never took offense to my desire for solitude. They just kept on praying for me. I fondly think of them as my prayer warriors.

If you can, try to give those around you the empathy and compassion they need during these unprecedented times. I do believe that we are all trying to do our best every single day, and I know in my heart we all want to help each other get through this.

I also ask you to turn that compassion inward. Cut yourself the slack you deserve.

Vision is Victory,

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