I want to talk about leadership and why it’s incumbent upon you to step up, right now.

This year has thrown us into some scary and anxiety-provoking moments.

One factor that’s contributed is a lack of leadership. I’m not making a political statement, I’m talking about leadership closer to home.

While many of us have taught our children what our core values are inside our households, a lot of times we tell them verbally but we don’t really exemplify it ourselves.

What we tend to do is look to outside organizations or other people to fill in and provide examples of leadership, if we’re not capable of doing it ourselves.

For years, we’ve been looking to our places of worship, schools, governments, and sports clubs – all sorts of outside places – to fill the gap of leading our young ones.

Right now, those organizations are being tested.

Young People Are Watching

We’ve also got little humans whose eyes are on us, especially if you have young kids at home.

If you have young adults looking up to you, remember that many are still trying to figure out who they are and what their purpose is, and they may be questioning their purpose now, more than ever before.

It’s time for us as adults to become better leaders to those who look to us for guidance. And we also need to do it for ourselves.

How do we do that? We look around at our core values. We determine what we’re truly called to do, and we stop giving excuses and go after it.

Take look at how you are leading. Ask yourself, how am being an example for the youngsters around me? Are you being the hero they need?

It’s time for us to be a little bit bolder. Consider these questions:

· Am I doing what I say I’m going to do?
· Am I talking about my dreams and my vision?
· Am I executing my vision a little bit every day?
· Am I changing my habits for the better?
· Am I personally growing?
· Am I hanging around people who are going to push me to be better?

An exercise I’ve done with thousands of people is about determining who should be in your so-called front row.

You have to be super careful about who you put in the front row of your life, meaning who it is you allow to influence your thinking, give you advice, and impact how you feel about yourself.

Finding Your People

New Habits

Perhaps, you need to change some habits. If you’re not really good at managing your time or staying really disciplined with your health or your daily activities, then try time blocking.

Time blocking really saved my life when I first started as an entrepreneur 25 years ago. I stepped out of a job where they told me what to do every hour and became an entrepreneur, so I had to make my own schedule and manage it.

Please don’t beat yourself up about things you realize you need to change to become a better leader. I still learn more every day.

Once you determine what changes can be made, you need to give yourself permission to ask for what you want.

I think we’ve buried the belief that we can go out and ask God, the universe, or other people that we know could help us for what we really want.

You’ve got to start asking for what’s important to you. What do you really want to be doing every single day? What do you believe is your legacy?

Ask and then actually give yourself permission to receive it. If you don’t open yourself up to the possibility of receiving, you’re shutting down the blessing before it can even get to you.

Then write down what you desire so it’s really crystal clear.

Maya Angelou Quote

Make Some Magic

Now here’s the magic I want you to do. I want you to share the vision with your family members, close friends, and the people that you trust will embrace the vision and really want you to go after it.

When you share it with your spouse, your kids, or your closest confidantes, the response can be so amazing.

Many of my clients have told me how sharing their vision with their significant others helped them begin communicating on a whole different level, opened up a new dialogue, and inspired family members to do it too.

As we raise up new generations of young people with this kind of leadership all around them, we will see that our children begin to live purpose-driven lives themselves.

Vision is Victory,