When you become totally clear in your vision, it reveals to you what your life’s purpose is. And knowing your purpose gives you Three Superpowers.

It may not happen overnight, but it will happen.

My purpose wasn’t immediately obvious for me when I wrote my first vision statement more than two decades ago.

My mentor, at the time, directed me to write it down on paper, the way I do for all my clients now.

Do you know what happened that day when I wrote out my vision? I found the nugget of what would become my purpose.

The nugget I uncovered came out of my heart and my head and went onto that piece of paper.

It came out of nowhere.

Finding my purpose

On the last line of one of the papers, I wrote that ‘someday, I wanted to be a speaker and trainer on purpose, vision, and goal-setting.’

I’d never had that thought before.

But because I got so quiet and so still in that moment, I was really tapping into God, the universe, my higher self – whatever you want to call it – and my purpose was revealed.

Before you do anything else, write your vision on paper. And if you don’t know how to do that, I have lots of tools for you. Click here to access them.

Here are the Three Super Powers that knowing your purpose will give you:

1. Clarity

Clarity around your personal life, what you’re supposed to be doing every single day, who you’re supposed to be spending your time with, and how you are spending your time.

So many people are struggling with how they’re spending their time and with getting focused, especially over the last couple of months with everything that’s been going on around us.

There’s so much drifting. Many people feel like uncertain times have made them feel uncertain about what they’re doing.

But when you know your purpose, what to be doing every hour of every single day becomes so clear to you. And then you can get a lot of stress out of your life.

2. Courage

Having a really clear vision and knowing what your purpose is, gives you the platform to go after your dreams. Don’t sit back and wait for courage and bravery to show up, or for all the doubts that you have to disappear.

I wish I could tell you that you’ll wake up tomorrow and be brave, without fear or doubt, and go after it.

What I’ve learned in my life and from building two businesses is that when you are growing and you step into your purpose, you’re going to be a little fearful every single day.

It just comes with the territory. You’re getting ready to do something that’s going to impact not only your life, but everybody else’s life too.

Having your purpose helps you get up every single day – no matter how frightening it may be – and courageously bust through that.

I know because I’ve done it myself.

3. No More Comparisons

When you have your clear purpose, you can stop comparing yourself to other people.

So many of us, especially with social media and being able to Google anything you’d ever want to know, see people going after their dreams and start comparing ourselves to them.

Comparison is the root of a lot of anxiety.

If we stopped wasting time checking out what everybody else is doing, and instead we got up and went to work on the one thing that filled us up and gave us joy, comparisons would not derail and distract us as much as they do.

The best way to stay on track? Knowing your purpose.

Vision is Victory,

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