I am very excited because in 3 weeks’ time, on 11-11-19 our book “Keep Looking Up” will be released, so mark your calendar. It has been such a long difficult, complex journey and I am glad we are within reach of our goals. I get asked many times why we were compelled, Laurel and I, to write this book comprised of 11 chapters?

The fact is I wanted to own my story because this journey taught us so much about life, about my own life. We felt compelled to share with others the hard lessons gathered during our struggle to gain normalcy. The journey took us through helpful advice from others, some good, some not so good. People share what they think might work, but some of it does not hit the target. So this book is a revelation of our journey to help confirm what actually works, and what doesn’t help in times of extreme adversity.

Why We Remain Passionate

Our mission is simple. We want to share our journey from tragedy to hope. Our story will give you a good perspective about why we feel compelled to share this moment in time and make it our mission. It elevated us to a new level and made us understand that others need to hear this story; they need to comprehend the immensity of their own journey that is filled with adversity.

Combine Vision with Ownership

So, I finally had a chance to sit back and realize that my V.I.V. Academy so closely aligns with our message of hope that is defined within 11 chapters. Why having a written, clear vision for your life and profession fixes just about every struggle you are having. How writing a powerful, purposeful vision can set healthy boundaries around your time and who you spend it with for accelerated success to your vision.

Some people do not want to face their story. It is possibly too painful, too humbling or maybe embarrassing. But, it frees up the spaces in your heart that are crumbling, it inspires others and I encourage you to think about how many people you can help by being transparent, by facing your story head on.

I know this journey has helped our mother-daughter relationship tremendously. So take that great big vision and own it! You will be amazed to know how many people you can inspire.

Keep Looking Up

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Let’s get you outside of your comfort zone and working towards something that fills you with passion and emotion! “Keep Looking Up” is scheduled for release on November 11th, 2019.