Being motivated all the time is difficult, even when you are an upbeat personality like me. There are workouts you’d rather postpone. What about that report that is due, don’t feel like writing it? Responsibilities can be monotonous and dreary and sometimes you just lack the energy to start the project you’ve planned forever.


A few weeks ago, I was with my daughter Laurel. She made me get up and dragged me out early to her Boot Camp workout. There was upbeat music and amazing people there but, oh my, I was not motivated to be there. Now, I admit that motivation kicked in after a while because the surroundings became contagious but it took some effort. Though fun it was motivated monotony, going through the motions so to speak. I face these challenges just as much as the next person. However, to handle the super important things in my life I’ve tried dealing with problems of not being motivated that seem to pop up out of the blue.

Who is the Problem?

First of all I recognize that I am the problem here. I have to push… push and visualize the end goal. So, now I’ve somewhat realized that the obstacle is brought on by ME, not the circumstances. Once you own that you can relax and resolve the issue. So push the button to get started, push to begin, and then roll forwards. It’s like forcing yourself to jump into the cold ocean. You don’t want to but once you have it feels so good to lay back and float. Now relax and by this time you’ve forgotten that you really did not want to get wet in the first place.

Make it a Routine

So, now another way to overcome a lack of motivation it to create a routine, it’s on your schedule every week. You sometimes dread the thought of it, but if it becomes a routine it becomes a part of your identity, an action that you know you will eventually enjoy. Now that trains the mind for success you can believe in and strive towards. Funny how small tricks can help us be successful.

When Laurel and I were writing our book “Keep Looking Up”, there were days I had to force myself to get motivated to sit down for hours and write. Once I got past the first paragraph the juices started to flow and I was in the moment.

If you only do things when the spirit strikes you, then you’ll never learn to be consistent. But if you practice and build small routines that help you overcome your daily battles, you’ll take the lead even when it gets tough. View every obstacle as simply a reflection of something we can change within ourselves and watch motivated magic happen!


Keep Looking Up

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