So many mothers have been telling me how they wish their children would be happier, motivated, making better choices with their time, less anxious, and really working through their issues and not being afraid to go after their dreams. However, when I ask them about what examples they have in their life from the people they love and respect the most, they realize that maybe they haven’t given the best example of what they’re asking from their children.

Do their children see them working on getting better at the things they say they want to achieve no matter what? Or do they see someone who keeps playing small? Someone who keeps winging it through life, stuck on the same hamster wheel of not loving who they are and what they are doing? Do they tell their kids all sorts of things they are going to do “someday”? Or do they demonstrate courage by working on an intentional plan to get better every single day?

All I can say to them is: your children are aching for you to be all you were intended to be because they love you and want to see you be truly happy! They don’t only want it…..they need it! If you won’t start moving in the direction of finally getting healthy, breaking off toxic relationships, building that dream business you have been talking about (or anything else you know you want) for yourself – Do It For Them! Instead of hoping they figure it out or get help from someone else, could you choose today to stop giving them permission to play small? Summon your courage and be the hero they are looking for by BEING the example.

Imagine how SHOWING rather than telling would actually EMPOWER them with INSPIRATION to go after their dreams.

It starts with us!

Keep Looking Up

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