I trust my intuition during the conversations I have with people. And for some reason, “courage” has been the magic word standing out for me lately.

How many of you need just a little bit more courage to go from where you are now to where you really want to be? How many of you need a lot more courage?

In my Live video, I talked about how having a purpose leads to courage!

How Do I Create Courage?

We so often wait for courage to show up. But if that doesn’t happen we have to create courage ourselves because fear will never go away!

Fear comes from a lot of places, but mostly from the unknown. It’s scary to leap into something when you don’t know exactly what it looks like! But when you operate out of fear and wait for courage to just come, you end up doing nothing and staying in the same place. You shrink yourself down and convince yourself that your comfort zone is good enough, it’s fine.

The problem with that outlook is that it not only holds you back, but it’s contagious to the people around you. One of the biggest motivators for me to move forward has always been my desire to be an example of courage for my children and to show them how to deal with the fear of the unknown. So, how do you stop operating out of fear and develop courage?

Step #1: Create Your Vision

The biggest reason I have people create their vision is because most people don’t have one. They might think they do, but what they have is just enough to get by every day. I get people to write out their bigger-than-life vision with targets and dates because once that’s clear and concrete, everything else can stem from it.

What I’ve found from working through this process with people is that, as they work on their vision more and more, their purpose in life unfolds. Some, especially if they go to work at it and keep working on it more and more, is it unfolds their purpose in life.

Step #2: Discover Your Purpose

I’ve been hosting my “Do It On Purpose” parties in multiple cities because I’m building a platform specifically for young adults. Right now we have a lot of young adults don’t have a vision, and have no idea what their purpose is. They’re looking for a life with meaning as we all are, but they haven’t been taught how to figure it out.

Life is so much richer when you’re attached to a purpose, to something outside of yourself. Something that’s bigger than you are. And what happens next? You find courage.

Step #3: Let Your Purpose Propel You Forward

When you operate in your bigger-than-life purpose, you can’t not do it. Your desire to work towards your purpose propels you forward, and that’s where you find courage. With purpose, you can’t shrink, or settle, or be less than your best.

I’ve been making a lot of big, big leaps this year! After all, LEAP is my word for the year. I’ve made leaps that would have scared me six months ago! But now I can’t shrink away. There’s too much riding on my mission. I believe so strongly in my purpose. And that’s what gives me the courage and the confidence to leap!

Don’t wait for courage to show up. Find your vision, find your purpose, and LEAP!

Keep Looking Up

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