In my latest Facebook Live I talked about how building the right tribe can make all the difference in our personal and professional lives. You need to know to build a tribe, not just any tribe, but the right one.

Find Your Front Row

I love tribes of people and I always have. Because of that, I know how important it is to reevaluate your tribe and gather what I call “The Front Row.”

The front row should be encouraging and supportive, not critical or in constant “victim mode.” Your tribe should be propelling you forward, not holding you back. Remember that every day is precious, and if you want to move towards your purpose, you need to find the right, vison-minded tribe to support you in that process.

Vision Leads to Purpose

Regardless of your education, age, or background, you have a calling. You have a purpose. And part of the process of figuring out your purpose is knowing what your vision is and getting that vision down in writing. Having a written vision helps you rise above all the drama going on in your life. And, we know sometimes there can be a lot of drama either every day or manufactured.

That front row should also be providing the courage to shatter your fear and take a giant leap. Occasionally we need that push from behind because it’s not always easy to leap towards your goals.


Where is all the energy when you most need it? Sometimes you have to search for the power to get yourself moving. Try to decide on what elevates your business and gives you powerful energy. This is another elusive creature, energy. It’s almost like you need a pep rally on occasion to get the juices flowing.

The front row also somehow magically reduces anxiety and depression. How? You ask. Just by revealing who you authentically want to become.


So with all of this spirit and applause generating good vibes you can attain your goals. Your tribe keeps the mojo positive and pushes you forward, encouraging, loving, and supportive. Now isn’t that something we all need here?

Keep Looking Up

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