So, as you know I am seeking out young adults for my Do It On Purpose Movement to help them develop a vision and purpose for their future. I have been developing a marketing strategy and this has given me a chance to speak with some of these wonderful people and my heart is just beginning to understand a little of what’s going on. So many mothers have been telling me how they wish their children would be happier, making better choices with their time, feeling more motivated and driven. They wish their young adult kids would focus on grabbing hold of their dreams, or focus on envisioning one if they have none.

What’s Missing?

So, what is the missing puzzle piece here? I am talking to some of these young adults and they do not feel empowered. I am suddenly realizing that maybe they haven’t been given the best example to follow. On one hand parents are pleading with me to help their young adult kids because they no longer respond to parental guidance. What these parents should be doing instead of pleading, is to begin setting a better example. They should be demonstrating courage to help their young adults feel more empowered to tackle “adult” life. I have learned that our culture has suddenly stopped short of teaching life skills.

They Are Watching

I talked to a young man on my marketing team, and explained how many parents are coming forward asking me to help their kiddos. He became very emotional and admitted that he is as worried about his mom as she is about him. He admitted that kids want US to step up and teach adulthood, teach how to be courageous enough to conquer fears and learn to talk reason. So, why aren’t we doing what we are supposed to be doing? Ask yourself that because our young adults are watching. They are waiting for you to display leadership. They are watching you, even as they grow.

Now the tables are turned and I am learning that we as parents need to be an inspiration to our young adults. We need to show them how to deal with problems, to become hopeful, to dump the baggage. Young adults like to step up and follow the people they love, and crave to admire. We are giving kids permission to think small and that’s not okay!

Be An Example

So don’t quit, it starts with all of us. Learn to be an inspiration to your kids. Teach them to think big. They are looking up to you for guidance, to set an example and give them the permission to go all out after whatever they want to strive for.

Be aware that what you are saying and doing, decide to become a better example for the people we love. Be the hope we need to drive them forward. Summon your courage and be the hero they are looking for by BEING the example.

I challenge you to discover how SHOWING rather than telling will EMPOWER your children with the INSPIRATION they need to go after their dreams. I want to connect with you and help you get on track headed towards your purpose!

Let’s get each of you outside your comfort zone… working towards something that fills you with passion and emotion!

Keep Looking Up

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Let’s get you outside of your comfort zone and working towards something that fills you with passion and emotion! “Keep Looking Up” is scheduled for release on November 11th, 2019.