This week I tried really, really hard to get Kimberly Alexander to join me on my Facebook Live event. She is a renowned speaker, coach for entrepreneurs, and friend. She is the author of The Results Map: Business and Life Strategies to Get What You Want. Well, I was unsuccessful in getting the tech part to cooperate with me and I did the Facebook live event alone.

My theme during this busiest season of the year is time. We all remember White Rabbit running around, perpetually frazzled, checking his watch and screaming “I’m late!” Well sometimes we look like that too as we experience the epidemic we see all around us of busyness. Life is somehow out of balance and all over the map. I do understand that there are times in our lives where activities need attention all at once and we go a little out of balance, but I do know that it should not have to be this way every day of our lives.


It’s not a myth; you can put your mind and life in balance by being intentional with your time. You all know how much effort I have put in my life to manage the necessary, the non-negotiables, and the shifts that have impacted my life. The end lesson is that we can make it all happen and be successful at it. The seasons of my life, raising my children, operating two businesses, a full lifestyle overflowing with beauty, and more, was insanely busy. Somehow I managed it.

I wanted to share what I learned about time from Kimberly Alexander and that is to be intentional and WRITE it down. Start with one weeks’ worth of work, yes 168 hours. List everything you manage to do, to cram into that existence. I did this and found I was attempting to get many more hours into that week. Then I toned it down and got rid of the clutter, protected the non-negotiables and found out that balance is a choice.

Wearing Lots of Hats

We go through life with lots of different descriptions, mom, wife, mother, business owner, author, gardener, yoga teacher, on and on. Too many times I see people doing many things they should not be doing because they are underestimating how much time it really takes. Most often they want to please others and put themselves on the back burner. So, what do you leave on your plate?

There are actually three main things you need to focus on each day and the rest either needs to be dumped or delegated. Feel free to delegate, you can learn how to do this, you do not have to hold onto everything. This gives you consistency and awareness of your actions. Block out what is not necessary because multitasking can really burn you out.

ONE Zone of Genius

Considering what I do for a living I am very clear of what my ONE Zone of Genius is and how to operate in it 80-90% of the time. Can I just tell you how much more enjoyable, healthy, intentional, and peaceful my life has become? Do not say YES to anything that does not align with your vision. Take ownership of the fact that life is not doing this to you; we are doing it to ourselves. We do not need to be ‘all things to all people’. Be the purposeful human being for yourself and the people you love!


Keep Looking Up

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