Not sure what your Vision is or why it even matters? Whether you’ve just graduated from school and are trying to figure out the next steps, or you have a lot of ideas and dreams, but no solid plan for the rest of your life, now is the perfect time to get crystal clear about your Vision.

Having a written, clear vision for your life and profession fixes just about every struggle you are having. Amazing how that works. It can soon become a powerful, purposeful vision that aligns with exactly who YOU are. How does that happen?

It begins by identifying what is keeping you stuck and learning how to tear down those barriers both mentally and physically. It can be a struggle but once you dissect and learn about those barriers, you can manage to get unstuck.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Who do you know that is toxic? You must manage to stay a safe distance by setting healthy boundaries around your time and who you spend it with for accelerated success to your vision. You will need to focus and give your vision undivided attention in order to achieve results.

So, you start where? By setting doable goals that you can start with today to get to the bigger picture you envisioned. We used to call them baby steps, gradual changes, attainable goals.

Vision Is Victory

Don’t forget – V.I.V. Academy starts on September 30th! This Fall semester is our pilot program, which means you can invest in the future at a low introductory price of $97 for one participant or $147 for two. Whether this program is for you, or you want to scholarship someone you know who could benefit from this level of clarity and focus, September 30th is when it all starts!

Join us for six weeks of Live Zoom calls aimed at helping you live with Vision and Purpose! With six weeks of calls, goal-setting, and amazing input from guest speakers, this is the perfect step towards learning to thrive! The last day to register is September 20th, so claim your spot today!

I’m also aligning this program with the organization Movies Making A Difference. You have the opportunity to scholarship an amazingly resilient young adult into this program!

Amazing Guest Speakers will cover lots of topics from money management & budgeting to get you out of debt and stay there. You will also learn how to set up long term financial success plan starting now. Imagine that you can finally be living a life that makes a difference and knowing your purpose.

Keep Looking Up

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Let’s get you outside of your comfort zone and working towards something that fills you with passion and emotion! “Keep Looking Up” is scheduled for release on November 11th, 2019.