Although my birthday was all the way back in May, I thought that I would share the 5.7 things that I have learned with you again here. Please check out the Facebook live below!

When I turned 57, I shared the 5.7 things that I think you need to know about life right now to get around on this planet. Even though my birthday was a few months ago, these learnings are still hugely important to me.

Learn to love yourself

When it comes to the people you love, don’t let yourself be last in line. Because when you don’t love yourself, it’s impossible to spread love to all the people that you serve. This is a number one lesson in life and it enables you to pass along the joy you feel.

Perspective in life is everything

When you’re able to look at life with a bigger perspective, it’s easier to let go of the little things that really don’t matter. Stand away from your current situation and assess damage from afar. It is amazing how this puts everything in perspective and adjusts your view.

Play big and pray bigger

I don’t know about you, but I serve a really big God who wants me to go after really big things. When you think you’re not worthy to ask for more or that you’re blessed enough, that’s you limiting yourself. And those limiting beliefs affect you and the people around you. Have no limitations to your power. Have no limitations to what you can accomplish. Do not limit the mountains you can climb because you are worth it!

Adversity does not define you

Adversity gives you the muscles that you need to go after your big dreams. It prepares you for the next, because in life, there is always a next.

Attitude will always outweigh skill and talent

Not only does a positive attitude make you a better person, but it attracts other positive people into your life. The power of attitude is so strong that it shines above all else.

Who you become outweighs what you do and the things you have

And finally, my number 5.7… Think hard about who you want to become. Because, at the end of the day, that determines whether you love yourself, love others, and leave a legacy behind you. Very few will remember the things you have, but will cherish who you are. And, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Keep Looking Up

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