Here is something I notice a lot; there is so much ‘saying’ what we are going to do, and not enough just doing it. Whether it’s about a personal goal, changes we want to make in our relationships or health, or the very popular topic about how we are going to really make more money this year. There is so much time wasted in the talking. Literally, the time spent saying it over and over could be the time we just put into DOING it!

And, there’s this… who do we keep saying these things to? My guess (actually, more than I guess because I know from years of experience) is that we are hanging with the same people who are allowing us to keep saying what we are GOING to do, and not the people who are going to encourage us to stop talking about it and just DO it. Do you think that maybe they are allowing this because they don’t want to make the changes either and it’s keeping us both comfortable? Or, maybe inside they may be loving us but also getting tired of hearing it? Hmmm…..

Truth is when we keep just saying it and not doing it we now have convinced people we will never really do it and their belief that we ever will is fading. They have either totally tuned us out, or silently wishing we would just stop talking about it.

What if we actually just took some baby steps today in investing our time, money, and the people we spend it with into forward moving action? Instead of saying we are going to exercise, take a 10 minute walk. Instead of saying we need to make more money, do the one thing we have been putting off like asking someone to open a door for us in the direction of our career growth, or finally picking up the phone to ask someone if they are ready to be our client? And, with regards to the people we are hanging out with – get with the groups who are actually DOING and ACHIEVING it!

They aren’t any different than us. They still have fear and doubts. They didn’t have a ton of money to invest in themselves but they found it and put it to work to learn the right things to do. And, they absolutely do not have more time than us – they just made the choice to make the time. The vision of what they want is bigger than all the walls!

Too many words and not enough action creates a very complacent world, and I don’t know about you guys but I am thinking we need more people who are feeling the fear and doing it anyway to be an inspiration for others!


Keep Looking Up

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