I am in Oklahoma this weekend with my daughter and we officially have copies of our new book, “Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope after Tragedy” in our hands! It’s so exciting and is a reminder to us why we began this journey at the beginning of the year. It is very humbling and also a bit scary to be this vulnerable about what we have been through after losing my husband and son to suicide (3 years apart over the last 5 years). We pray it sends the messages of hope and healing to people moving through their own adversities.

Two things we would like to share today; what we believe to be one of the contributing factors to depression and suicide, and how our Heavenly perspective gets us through day by day.

What we have mentioned in all of our interviews, social media, and in the book is that we believe there are multiple reasons why someone gets to the point of ending their life. Unlike what is pushed out through the media, it is not just mental illness. I have come to believe that how we raise up our little humans right now, and the culture we now have plays a big part in this epidemic. We can both tell you that although we would never have seen this coming with either my husband or my son, we do know one thing for sure: they both had lost their vision and had no understanding of their purpose. Both of our men were struggling with their true identity – especially when it came to their careers. I can’t even begin to tell you the months of talking this out I did with both of them. It was heartbreaking and even with all the healing we have done, it plagues us still. This is what is fueling our mission to begin working with young adults on finding their purpose sooner in life, and crafting a vision they can follow. That ‘Vision is Victory” Academy starts in one week and we cannot wait to begin this work and this mission.

The biggest thing we want you all to know is that no amount of love from others, counseling we have been through, or healing work we have done internally would have been enough to get us through this and to write this book. All the strength we have is not ours: it’s the power from Heaven we are getting and the promise that we know we will have eternity together. We know where they are, we know God has a plan even if we can’t understand it, and in the midst of the pain there is joy knowing we will all be together in Heaven. Above all else, the message we want to bring to the world is no matter what, “Keep Looking Up.”👆🏻❤️

Keep Looking Up

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Let’s get you outside of your comfort zone and working towards something that fills you with passion and emotion! “Keep Looking Up” is scheduled for release on November 11th, 2019.