On my Monday night “LIVE” (join me here every Monday at 5pm AZ time) I shared with you how I have come to see that the month of September is a lot like January for most people. Summer is over, kids are back in school, vacations are complete, and organically today people are looking up the calendar thinking either: A) the year is almost over and I guess I will just have to get to work on my goals next year, or B) Okay, Game On! I am going to crush my goals!’

Which one are you today? There is a quote that goes ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything’, and I have said many times that how you end this year is how you start the next one. See any patterns in your life you need to change TODAY?

Are you staying true to your vision to the end: The end of this year, the end of this quarter, the end of the month? If not, I am going to lovingly tell you that you may have to write a bigger, more compelling, non-negotiable game plan today – one that is outside of you and attached to the people you love. They are waiting for you to stop talking about it and just do it!

We are not immortal but tend to live our lives thinking that we have all the time in the world. Dying is inevitable, but dying with regret is a choice.

Right now we need people more than ever to step all into their visions and life purpose no matter what. When you are acting you in your purpose, you give others inspiration and permission to do the same. When we play small, so do they. We need a whole new culture of generations to come of people living with courage and intention. Leadership is needed like never before – and it starts with us individually; not our government, our schools, or even our churches. One individual with a bold, big vision can change the world!

So, today is New Year’s Day for you and I am going to boldly ask you… What do you need to LET GO of so you can stop running away from who you were meant to be, and start RUNNING towards being the Game Changer I know you have in you!

I continue to LEAP this year and have so many things coming up that could help you in your choices to be brave, step in now before it’s too late, and be among other people who are doing the same!


Keep Looking Up

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