“I want you to learn to see yourself and others through grace-vision. Looking through eyes of grace, you can focus more on what is good and right, rather than on what is bad and wrong.” 6/1/19 Jesus Always Devotion

One of the chapters in our new book is title ‘Grace & Mercy.” I have posted these thoughts before, but they are worth repeating because we need the constant reminder.

Giving ourselves and others grace and mercy has been one of the biggest lessons Laurel and I had to learn through our journey of loss. Making space and time for self care and healing is not an easy task in this busy world but we knew that if we didn’t take care of our mental, physical, and spiritual health we were not going to be able to function in a positive way. I for one am known to be a doer and can handle a lot all at once, and unfortunately we live in a world that rewards that which doesn’t make it easy to change. Carving out the first hour of every day for quiet time and making sure to also plan my eating, work outs, and reading time has become a set routine for me now that is non-negotiable for my self care. The reading and praying I have done have saved me through all of this.

Throughout the changes in our life and having to make adjustments not only in our family structure but in our relationships has caused Laurel and I to understand that EVERYONE is going through something. We simply have to give each other more grace every single day. There were so many people who did not understand how we were feeling and why we were making the decisions that we did, and in the beginning this really hurt us. But, then we came to realize that they simply do not know what they do not know. They have never been in our situation, and instead of feeling angry or sad we have learned to give them the grace we had to give ourselves. Can we stop taking on emotions that aren’t based in truth and start really understanding that we are doing our best with what we know and have going on in our own lives and be more gentle with each other?

Lastly, we had to give Ross and Cole grace and mercy also. There are moments when we irrationally want to be angry at them for leaving us, and very sad for how we lost our family as it was. Blaming them for this could be so easy, and we could choose to live in bitterness… but, what good would that do?

Our choice is to know that this was simply God’s plan, that they are with Him and in complete joy without the pain, and to be happy for that. We keep looking up because we know we will see them again, and that Heavenly perspective gives us Peace.

I am choosing to look through eyes of grace-vision a little more and hope you will join me. ❤️


Keep Looking Up

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