This week Laurel and I got together to talk more about the launch of “Keep Looking Up”. Hot off the presses we finally revealed the beautiful back cover photo of the four of us on the beach. I remember it was a blazing hot day and my husband was really dying from the heat. It’s a photo of our family of four when we still lived a really rockin’ life! We kind of lived in a bubble as our beautiful, tight, family of four.

Finding A New Reality

Our realities were shattered five years ago when we lost my husband (and Laurel’s father) by suicide. And then two years ago, my son (Laurel’s brother) died in the same way. We titled the book “Keep Looking Up” because that’s what we had to do. We couldn’t move forward in our lives without looking up.

This book unveils our journey discovering that hope is more powerful than grief. Laurel and I went through a lot of very difficult changes that came from our newly and abruptly altered realities. We learned a lot about ourselves and other people in the long difficult process.

Finding Our Voice

“Keep Looking Up” is divided into 11 chapters, each one told from our two different perspectives. We begin with a paragraph of my perspective, then Laurels perspective and at the end we have a section for reflections and questions. The questions provide readers a way to work through each chapter on their own, in a group, or together with family.

We started out chapter one with “Leaving Planet Normal” and it outlines the initial shock that then leads to exhaustion that is experienced after a tragedy. Most often, people attempt to work through too much at once. Everyone tries desperately to relate to their own crazy story, especially when it becomes public.

Our identities shifted afterwards as we struggled to own our story and how taking ownership progresses to figuring out a way to change it into something that can help eventually others. In our first chapter, we talk about making a super positive progression towards healing ourselves then being able to turn around and help to heal others.

Finding Heaven on Earth

We found heaven on earth and used our faith to heal, learning in the process that our strength and power comes from above. We understand there are people who do not seek God and His Presence or understand the true power. So in the book, we talk a bit about how we’re each affected differently because of our ages and relationships, Laurel with her father and brother, me with my husband and son.

Of course, the biggest perspective and mission of this book is that no matter how any people you have around you to help you, we know God has a plan even if we can’t understand it. In the midst of the pain we learned that the world is temporary but there is joy in knowing that we will all be together in Heaven. And that perspective, and with God at our side, is what keeps us going every day.

Keep Looking Up

We cannot wait till “Keep Looking Up” is launched on Monday November 11th, 2019!

Please join us for this celebration of our long-awaited book, ‘Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy’. Tickets are free and will include light appetizers!

Monday November 11th, 2019 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST


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