We all have a bucket list, don’t we? The big, beautiful things that we want to achieve in our lifetime. But have you taken time to think about the obstacles that are holding you back? What is keeping you from achieving your vision and purpose?

During a recent Facebook Live, I talked about what those obstacles might be and how you can put them aside.

When I have people write out their vision, the obstacles that I hear the most are:

  1. “I don’t have enough time.” or “It’s not the right time.”
  2. “I don’t have enough money.”
  3. “I’m not worthy.”
  4. “It’s too little, too late.”
  5. “I’m not prepared enough.”

These doubts can stop you before you even begin.

New Bucket List

So there’s the new bucket list that I want you to make. I want you to literally take a bucket (or something like it) and write down every single risk, fear, or doubt that you have. And one-by-one, I want you to put them in that bucket and then set it aside and get rid of it.

That process will help you take those fears and doubts out of your head and move them out of your heart. And once you do that, you’ll be able to clear your path of barriers and see your big, fat, juicy purpose at the end of that path.

Then your obstacles won’t seem impassable. You’ll be able to figure ways to clear your time, and make the money you need. Because you have the vision of where your path can take you.

Keep Looking Up

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