Over the past few months, my daughter Laurel and I have been working on writing our upcoming book, “Keep Looking Up”. Writing this book over the last few months has been such a challenging and healing process. And I’m so glad that I got to go through it with such a beautiful and strong woman!

Five years ago, we lost my husband (and Laurel’s father) by suicide. And then two years ago, my son (Laurel’s brother) died in the same way. We titled the book “Keep Looking Up” because that’s what we had to do. We couldn’t move forward in our lives without looking up.

Trauma is When Your Reality is Altered

Previous to this happening, we had a really rockin’ life! We kind of lived in a bubble as our beautiful, tight, family of four. However, after everything happened, our realities were altered completely. Laurel and I went through a lot of changes that came from our altered realities. We learned about ourselves and other people in the process.

When Laurel and I were forced out of our bubble, we started hearing from other people that had also been through some stuff. We started learning that everybody has a story. That’s why we decided to write our book. To tell our story and hopefully help other people experiencing trauma and adversity.

A Bigger Perspective

Through everything that happened, Laurel and I developed a bigger perspective of eternity. What we’re going through right here is just temporary. We know where we’re going, we know where our loved ones are, and we know that we will see them again, in an even better scenario than when our family was together on earth. We keep looking to that. And we keep looking up! When I feel overwhelmed, I found that I can look up at the sky for a minute, see the enormity of it compared to myself, and gain my perspective back.

That’s the biggest thing of all. Shifting your understanding to the idea that there’s more out there than what’s here. As hard as what you’re going through is right now, you can trust that there’s something bigger and better coming. We want to give you hope and something to look forward to. We want to give you a community that can help you through.

The book is written and on schedule to release on November 11th, my son’s birthday. Laurel and I are going to plan a HUGE book launch in Phoenix, Arizona, so I hope you guys will save the date. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates!

And keep looking up!