What truths should you believe? We’ve all got a million things going on inside our head that we believe to be true. And the sad part is that most of those stories are big, fat lies. Some of those stories are there because we’ve heard them our whole lives. And some got in there through trauma that scarred us to our emotional core. No matter how those stories got there, don’t make them your reality.

Truth #1: Truths That You Are Not Your Story

It has played out in your head for as long as you remember and you know it has scarred you. The time has come for you to change the end of this story. If you keep it unchanged it will be there forever. The most important thing is to write a new ending, face the story head on, and discover truths that excite you.

Truth #2: Don’t Be What People Expect

Begin by giving yourself more acceptance and forgiveness. Stop judging what you see in the mirror and embrace how amazing you are. Forgive those long past mistakes so you can finally move forward into all the success and blessings you are meant to have. I have said this many times – We are our own worst enemies, period.

Truth #3: Don’t be Bound by Circumstances

We all have crazy, mixed up lives, balancing tragedy and happiness, seeking grace.
Although sometimes we cannot see what is hidden inside someone we meet, we grasp there is a something. Circumstances outside of our control are often the catalyst that breaks us. Determine the problem, face it head on and move closer to your vision. It’s not circumstances that are holding you back – It’s your lack of grace for yourself.

Truth #4: Believe You Are Worthy

That’s the biggest thing of all. Shifting your understanding to the idea that there’s more out there than what’s here and believing it. Trust that there’s something bigger and better coming, something to look forward to, and you are worthy of it. When you start believing the right things, the true things, that’s when you will find your purpose and truths!

Truth #5: You Deserve an Abundance of Wonderful Things

When all is sorted out and you have discovered your truths you can accept wonderful things to happen. And, you know what? You deserve them! That is truths you should believe. That is the confidence necessary to overcome all the adversity. Relax, and enjoy all the wonderful things flowing your way positive that you are worthy of them. Find your vision and your purpose follows close behind. When you start believing the right things, the true things, that’s when you will find your purpose!

Keep Looking Up

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