When we stop running with our hair on fire for awhile, that ‘thing’ is there. We start daydreaming about it, and giving it just a tiny bit of space in our minds. We even dare for a moment to get excited about it, and perhaps even visually seeing it really come together. For a fleeting moment we ask yourselves ‘what if…?’

Then, just as fast as we gave it a little space to grow and manifest, we shut it down. We allow that beautiful moment of hope and connection to be taken over by fear, which then brings on the excuses. The excuses come to validate the fear. It gives us all the reasons to say ourselves (and to others) that it can’t be done, it’s not the right time, I am just too busy – and on it goes.

I want to tell you this today and hope you will really hear me… that ‘thing’ is not a mistake. It is not wrong. It is not a lie. It is not meant to happen for everyone else but you. It is not teasing you now and asking you to wait until later. It is not too big for you, and it is not going to just happen ‘someday.’

It’s a whisper to you of who you are meant to be. It is a tiny voice lovingly nudging you to get into action now. It is the connection to God and the source of who will collaborate with you to make it happen when you would just take simple step of Faith in that direction.

Only YOU are getting this unique message because you were sent here to this earth with it. Think of it as God’s little note in your pocket with instructions of what He wants you to do while you are here. It was written with love and you were crafted with everything you need to complete the mission.

You are getting this VISION because that ‘thing’ is your PURPOSE!’ You can choose to to ignore it, but it is going to keep tapping at your heart for the rest of your life. Don’t you think it’s time you wave your white flag, surrender to the voice, and fan the flames on the beautiful vision?

I am challenging you all this week to begin seeing September (yes, it’s here in one more week!) as New Year’s Day! Just like we do every January I want you to let go of everything that you have been allowing to hold you back, and treat this like a fresh new year! TODAY is the day!


Keep Looking Up

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