I’ve been talking about stories a lot because it’s such a big deal. We can be confined by the stories we tell ourselves. They can hold us back.

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When I was moving up the ranks of my network marketing company, I hit a ceiling. I struggled for four years to break through to the next level. Not because I wasn’t working hard, but because I had some serious stories in my head that were keeping me stuck! I had to work through my stories so that I could progress. I realize we have to move ahead to move on.

Don’t Pass Them Onto The Next Generation

It’s vitally important that we work through our stories. Because if we don’t we’ll pass them down to the next generation. If we’re not showing up as grownups and we’re not dealing with the stories we have, we won’t be able to pass down our legacies. We’ll be straddling the next generations with a whole bunch of head trash, instead of helping them become wholehearted individuals.

Express the Unique

Becoming a whole unfettered individual is an amazing gift you give yourself. Our stories can change and I dare you to step into the world of Vision to Passion. This is a life that is full of genuine excitement for each day knowing that what you do matters, that every big decision creates a ripple effect of incredible light! Then you are empowered to express your unique self.

Move Beyond Your Stories

What do you need to do to move beyond your stories? First of all, you have to acknowledge that stories are real and you have them. Second, you have to own them because you are the only one who can break their hold on you. And third, you have to work at it. It’s hard and it’s scary, but the results are well worth it!

Keep Looking Up

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