Many, many years ago I was encouraged to get a book that would help me discover my priorities in life. I knew that there was more for me than simply going to work at a job that did not fulfill me, or that had anything to do with God’s purpose for my life. In your hearts, when you stop the busyness and truly listen, I know you know this, too.

In the book there was an exercise where you had to time yourself and in 3 minutes write down the things you would do now if you knew you only had 6 months to live. Once the list was made, there was another timed exercise to prioritize it into A, B, C, etc. The reason it is timed is so you don’t keep adding all the little things in, and when pressed for time the most important things rise to the top. You get it?!

Here’s what I want to say to you today with this exercise in mind…..What reasons have you completely accepted as real for you because you are allowing yourself to believe that there will be time to get to that thing you KNOW is your highest purpose?! Why do we keep validating each other saying that ‘it’s okay’ to wait, ‘someday’ you will have more time, more money, or more freedom to that that thing? And, that all the the fear will be gone and you can do that thing without needing to be courageous and bold. It literally breaks my heart when I see most people playing with their lives as if they were immortal and have let fear steal their calling. It is especially very apparent right now as so many are using the summer as validation to put everything on hold because there will ‘be more time and space to do that thing in September’. I have never in my life seen that really happen. EVERY season is what YOU determine it to be once you have decided to choose COURAGE!

It is so very sad to me that most times it takes something tragic to happen for people to finally step into what they are really called to do; to live out their calling and effect change in the world. Look at the definition of courage here: “to face the ordeal”, “strength in the face of grief”.

So many of you have called me and my daughter courageous for sharing our story of loss with you. I want you to know that we are not driven to do this because because we fear DOING it; we are driven because we fear NOT doing it more! If I knew right now that I only had 6 months left to live with you all on the planet, it scares me more that I would have not used my gifts and my experiences as your fellow human to lift you up to your highest purpose. We can all do that for each other simply by being the inspiration!

I am asking and encouraging you all TODAY to believe the truth that you do have a calling, the world is counting on you to use each day as if it were your last, and to please stop validating your fears and busyness as something that is real. Do not wait for something major (usually something horrible) to happen for you to be courageous!!

If this was your last year on earth, what are you more afraid of not doing and who is that going to affect if you don’t step all in NOW – not tomorrow, not next month, not in September – now?!