For almost half my life I have been mentoring/coaching people in one manner or another both to grow personally and/or professionally. When you are in this role you give a lot of advice particularly on how to go after your dreams and get over yourself. We are on our own worst enemy. Can I get an Amen on that?!

So today as I begin to share my ‘why’ and my reasons for launching the “Do It On Purpose” Movement in front of my dearest friends, I find myself needing to saying all the things to myself that I have told my family members, teammates, and clients. The closer you get to carrying out your purpose the more emotional it becomes. Here’s what I have been saying with the help of my mentors who are my cheerleaders…

*Be in the 2%, it’s where you are acting in your Zone of Genius and your true calling.

*Keep your eyes on the vision and not on how you are feeling emotionally = feel the fear and do it anyway.

*There is something that you were uniquely designed to do while you are on this planet that only YOU can carry out, and people are needing what you were sent to do.

*You are on this journey because you are meant to make an impact in the world. Don’t shrink from your story – USE IT!

*Go. All. In.

Somebody is counting on you to be the Light!