Happy Sunday, friends! 👋
I have mentioned several times that my daughter, Laurel Conley Wilson, and I are in process of writing a book about our journey due to come out this fall. In the book we share our story of loss, but mostly we are sharing what we have learned in the journey in hopes to help others through their own adversities in life. Changing your perspective is everything.

Here is a rough draft of an excerpt from he book so far…

I hope this will help you today. ❤️

“When my husband Ross taught our daughter, Laurel, to ride a bike, he told her to look up and keep her eyes toward where was going—and not at her feet. “You will go in the direction your eyes go,” he would say. “Your bike will follow your sight path.”
After a wobbly start and a couple of scraped knees, Laurel learned if she stared at her feet, she would lose her balance. If she stared at a curb or tree, she would likely ride right into it. She soon kept her head up and rode like the wind. Her father gave her the same sage advice when he taught her to ski, and she soon could bomb down a mountain.
Ross’s wisdom is as true in sports as it is in life when we have to face even tougher challenges, such as the death of a loved on. The only way to make your way safely down a road or mountain, or through loss and grief is to keep looking up. To get beyond the struggles immediately in front of us, we must raise our eyes to see a greater vision.” 👆