I heard this quote yesterday and had to share….
(Thank you Doretta Thomas)

After commenting to her on how FABulous she looked she said to me, “Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through.” AMEN!

I have been thinking about this and now wondering, ‘but, what if we did?’

There are circumstances for some people where we can obviously see their struggles because of physical changes to their body. They can’t hide what is happening, or has happened, so we openly show concern and compassion to them.

Unfortunately, so many of us are dealing with things that others can’t see with their eyes, and we do a really good job of making sure we are still showing up looking like we have got it all together.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if every one of us wore some sort of insignia that we were dealing with something others can’t see, we would ALL be wearing that badge. Can you imagine what a different world this would be if we could visually see that?

Instead of getting all caught up in our own stories perhaps we would take the time to look up and see that we are all on the same playing field getting through the best we can. We would possibly offer more support for each other and feeling less like we need to be strong for ourselves. We would see each other as family, and not as strangers who need to compete with one another. There would be less stigma around unsavory behavior, situational ‘failures’, and ailments we have labeled as a disease. I am going to boldly state that I believe so many of the our so-called diseases are not just physical challenges we believe are outside our control; we have cultural responsibilities we need to be looking at and it starts with us. (More on that another time)

We do such a good job of creating separateness from one another and then can’t understand why we have so many problems and feel so alone.

Envision with me today what it would be like if we were all more transparent and vulnerable with each other how much more compassion we would have in this world. Does anyone else think that this could be at least one step in the direction of creating a movement of more love, patience, and living more authentically? Can you imagine how much sadness we could eliminate if we started raising up humans who could openly share how they feel and be who God created them to be without fear of being ‘different?’ It’s time to level the playing field, my friends.

I am willing to live my life sharing more and more of my story and living with purpose for creating change. Who’s with me?