I have a lot of quiet time first thing in the morning to get ‘suited up’ for the day. This practice has become non-negotiable for me, has gotten me through all my adversities, and has become my favorite part of the day. I highly recommend this practice.

Part of that time is spent reading from a devotional and journaling about it; this message was from yesterday’s devotion from Jesus Always. No matter your beliefs it is powerful and such a new way of life we need to adopt in this culture on Grace…

“I know how much you long for My affirmation – and how hard it is for you to accept it. I want you to learn to see yourself and others through grace-vision. Looking through eyes of grace, you can focus more on what is good and rights than on what is bad and wrong. You learn to cooperate with Me and embrace what I’m doing in your life: transforming you into My likeness with ever-increasing Glory. I not only approve of you, I delight in you!”

I needed to hear this and I know so many of you probably do, too.

My daughter, Laurel Conley Wilson, and I have been working on a book about our story. (we have lost both her dad and her brother – my husband and son – to suicide within the last five years) Each chapter is devoted to what we have learned so others may be able apply these things to their own journey through adversity. We just completed the chapter on Grace & Mercy. (Book is due to come out this fall)

My prayer and reflection for you all today is to see where you can give yourself and others more Grace-Vision. (I love this term so much!)

How can you start giving yourself more acceptance and forgiveness? Can you finally stop judging what you see in the mirror and embrace how amazing you are? Can you forgive past mistakes so you can finally move forward into all the success and blessings you are meant to have?
I have said this many times – We are our own worst enemies, period. It’s not your outside circumstances that are holding you back – It’s your lack of Grace for yourself.

Can you then look around with your new Grace-Vision and instead of judging others based on what you think you see and begin to see how every single one of us is dealing with something? Can we show more compassion instead of comparing or competing? In our book, Laurel and I share how before our losses we admittedly lived in our happy little bubble. Our family was so blessed that we simply did not have any idea how many people were struggling and couldn’t understand it. After working through our own journey and through being shown so much Grace from others through our situation and suffering, we have begun seeing with new eyes of Grace-Vision.

Who has shown you this kind of Grace-Vision that you can learn and live now from their examples? Who TODAY needs more Grace from you no matter how much you feel they did you wrong? I believe that we each do the best we can given the situations and level of knowledge & awareness we have each day.

Can you imagine a world with me now if each and every one of us saw each other through these compassionate glasses….

I myself am committed to putting on these super power goggles every morning – will you join me?