Happy New Year, friends! 🎆

I am going to be totally honest, 2018 has been full of great things but has been emotionally challenging. The weight of our family loss (have lost both my husband and my son to suicide) over the past four and a half years continues to be so prevalent in mine and my daughter’s life, especially through the holidays. We have had so much joy mixed with sadness – a very interesting and sometimes frustrating place to be. 😞

But, we continue to choose joy and to thrive in our lives. and I thought I would share with you 10 things I have done that has kept me going through the worst adversity in hopes that it will help you now if you are also in a hard place, and/or more importantly things to do now to prepare yourself for anything that may come your way…..

☀I have made no secret that my daily morning quiet time is a habit a developed almost ten years ago and is not a luxury, it is EVERYTHING. I can wake up in the saddest, most defeated state of mind, but during that time I am able to turn my disposition around and here’s why….

📖 I read from the devotional book, Jesus Calling, and journal the encouraging words God is giving me to shift my perspective on the day. Filling yourself up first thing with the truth and letting that seep into your soul can change how you are feeling and how you will make the day great. (Or at least better)

📚 I also read a book of my choosing to grow me either personally or professionally (which go hand in hand). I take one thing I learned that I can apply to the day and put that message in my day planner so I can keep focused on it while I go about my day.

👆 The BIGGEST shift in my life (especially this past year) is my perspective on Heaven and Earth. My focus now is all about carrying out my God-given purpose every day while I am still here, but knowing that the momentary troubled state of being is a blip on the radar. For every day I feel grief I know that I will have INFINITY in Heaven. This is why I keep telling everyone to Keep Looking Up. ❤

💃 I have taken a LOT of things off my plate this year that were no longer serving me so I could take better care of myself. This is not that hard to do when you no longer care so much about all those things, and when you begin to understand that the BEST way you can serve others is starting by taking care of you. Some of the things I have stopped doing:
*Being a people pleaser.
*Comparing myself to others
*Cramming more into a day than most people
*Doing things that I know in my soul is not right for me
*Accepting more people into my life before vetting them

😇 I have learned to give people a lot of Grace and Mercy, as some amazing people have done for us. You never really know what people are going through in their life, and I have come to understand that we are all trying to be and do our best. I have stopped having expectations about how I THINK they should be treating me, and given forgiveness where most people believe it is not deserved. The true friends I now give my heart and time to have become so unbelievably precious to me and I thank God for their love and patience.

💪 The gut instincts I have ignored are now a big part of all the decisions I make, both big and small. The one thing I pray for consistently is for clear direction and confirmation before taking any action. And, here’s a clue: even though it may be a decision that scares you most times that means you are on the right path! Don’t back down!!

🌈 I have simplified my life. When you move to a smaller space that means less things to have and take care of every day. Delegation is one my favorite things to do, and if I can’t delegate then I dump it off my list. Life is worth living when you are operating solely in your genius zone and purpose.

Which leads me to the last two major things that keep me going every day with joy in the midst of everything….

👰 My daughter and her new husband. They deserve the best of me, not the rest of me. I have always wanted to lead my kids by example and curling up into a person who is living with anything less than joy is stealing theirs. NOT easy to do this every single day (and also not authentic), but I strive for it daily because they are my everything.

👓 Lastly, this should go without saying if you know me: I have had such a God-breathed purpose and vision for my life for so long that the spirit of it has only been magnified. I have said this hundreds of times: Your Vision Becomes Your Anchor In All The Storms. This statement means more me now than ever, and I hope to be living proof to all of you that it means THAT MUCH! Most people simply do not have that anchor and drift easily. 😢

🙏 My prayer for all of you as you step into the new year is commitment to getting clear on your own vision and purpose for your life. Clarity changes everything, and I commit the rest of my days to be your earthly guide while you….

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