So many people have wondered, and some have asked, how I am able to keep moving forward so positively after so much loss in my life. If you don’t know, both my husband and my son have left this earth in the past four years. I will share more about that and the things I know for sure about surviving & thriving through the worst adversity.

But, here is what I want you to know right now and I hope you will really take this to heart through this ‘busy’ season and into the new year.

My wish for all of you is very simply to Be Still more.

We have become a world of idolizing and rewarding having super packed schedules with multiple activities on our plates, and worse yet we are doing this to our children. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but IT IS NOT WORKING on so many levels! We have several epidemics happening in this country; lack of focus & clarity, feeling disconnected from our true selves and others, low self confidence & esteem, a sad lack of boundaries in all areas of our lives, and depression at an all time high.

Your ‘doing’ is not making you happy or anyone else for that matter.

I have developed one habit over the past eight years of my life that has pulled me through the worst, and that is having daily quiet time first thing in the morning. It has become my lifeline. Only in being still can we hear God’s voice, and our own mixed with His, to feel Peace and a solid direction for our lives. It sets your heart and your mind on the right things for the day. It slows you down to get really clear on what is most important to ‘do’, and what could probably be taken off your plate. It allows you to be filled up to face the day, instead of charging through it with your hair on fire and already feeling depleted before you even start! Most of all, this practice becomes a habit that sets an example for the people who are watching you. Do we want to create more crazed, unhappy people in this world? I think we have plenty, thank you.

Please take this gift from me to you. Let’s start a new trend to have a holiday season and new year that looks quite different than it has become to include focusing on the real reason for the season and being an example of Peace for each other.

It will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine if you are ready for it. Something tells me you are.