Let them go.

There is some things you are holding on to that are dragging you down. Things you simply won’t (not “can’t”) let go of that if you don’t cut them off now you will carry with you through the rest of the year, and into the next. Not only are they keeping you from achieving your goals THIS year, but I promise you the dreams you have for 2019 and beyond will not come to fruition either. Tough love talk now.

You carry them because they are so familiar and habitual. They are comfortable. They are friends, family members, and alliances that expect things from you that are not really you. They are jobs, businesses, and roles that do not align with who your were created to be so you are not fulfilling your true purpose. They are things that don’t cause you to make major changes in your physical environment and your mental state of mind. You are carrying the ‘old you’ around as a safety net which really has become an anchor holding you in this very unsettling place.

You know this because you can feel it. You feel your heart skip a bit and a surge of joy when you think about that beautiful self you have hidden away. You want so badly to write that unbelievable vision and plan God has locked away in your heart but you don’t dare for fear of cutting that anchor. Fear is the enemy of how this world could really be if we were all operating from our true selves.

My prayer for all of you today is that you finally be brave and see what it is costing you to not let go. When you are not listening and following God’s plan because you don’t believe you are worth it, that it isn’t that important, or that ‘someday’ it will all work out, you are unintentionally influencing others (the ones you love) that they don’t matter either. Let that sink in. Ouch.

Want to be an influencer? Want to show people they matter? Want to change the trajectory of this world filled with sadness, anxiety, and loss of hope to joy and making a positive impact? You have to change first.

It starts with you TODAY. What is it going to take for you to take just one day to sit yourself down, face the facts, and start creating something that could change the world?