Acknowledge Your Successes

I have a couple moments to enjoy some time to reflect on the path I walked-sometimes actually ran-in the last year that cleared the way for a huge BAM! My VIV Event in January successfully kicked off 2017. And what an amazing keynote speaker Darren Hardy is. He shared with us some amazing tools that will help to keep your goals rocking. He outlined for us how we can eradicate the bad habits that derail progress and replace them with painless disciplines required to get you to do the things you really don’t feel like doing. Now does’nt that sound familiar? 

There were certainly lots of obstacles in my path that hindered progress during my planning for this event but I never allowed the vision I saw to hold me back. And it was so successful and wonderful to see so many new faces looking back at me in the crowd. Upon reflection, it was worth every effort I had to make to make it happen! So this time reflection has allowed me to acknowledge the success of the event and gives me a chance to build on it for bigger and better tomorrows.

Keep Your Goals Rocking!

And now "It’s Your Time to Shine" is right here….right now! Looking forward to meeting all the women and men who will experience the March 3-4th Sisterhood Member Event for the 3rd Annual Empowering Women to Success Summit where I will be guest speaker. Some exciting things happening here! And upon reflection I can acknowledge that it became possible through the efforts of last years strategic planning and vision.

It is also a great time to reflect on getting energized to envision the next step and working towards brand new goals that will take me through the 2017 year. I already know there are some exciting things ahead! It’s a good time to take stock of all the actions that worked and those that could have worked better with just a small boost of discipline, spirit and energy

Have You Dreamed Big Enough?

That’s actually the question I need to ask myself during reflection and especially you need to ask yourself this today, "Have I dreamed big enough?"  Reflect a moment to set your goals in an advanced direction, see them take on a new importance and add a new and exciting element to the mix. Broaden the scope and try to envison what goals you can achieve next month, next year. Start your next month with a huge BAM! 

So during your small moments of reflection discover who you were always meant to be. I know I could’nt have said it better than Darren Hardy, "There’s nothing wrong with ordinary. I just prefer to shoot for extraordinary."

"I believe every one of you have a special mission to accomplish while you are alive on this planet." ~Carey Conley